The Friends of Israel Today

The Friends of Israel Today

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January 14, 2023 | The Abrahamic Promise: The Land
January 13, 2023

God created and controls the whole universe. So why does He care so much about the land of Israel, one little piece of real estate in the Middle East? Because of His covenant with Abraham! He made an

January 7, 2023 | The Abrahamic Promise & What it Means For You
January 06, 2023

Gods Word is advancing throughout the world, but many evangelicals are missing the message of Gods love for Israel and the Jewish peopleand our responsibility toward them as well. Its important to

December 31, 2022 | Israel and the “New” Middle East: Interview with Bassem Eid
December 30, 2022

Happy New Year, friends! Were heading into 2023 with our special guest, Bassem Eid, a Palestinian human rights activist who supports the state of Israelyou read that right! Bassem has lived in East

December 24, 2022 | The First Christmas, Part Two: Isaiah 53 (REBROADCAST)
December 22, 2022

This program is a rebroadcast from December 26, 2020. Christmastime is here! Looking back on the first Christmas means looking back at the prophecy that foretold Jesus fate hundreds of years earlier.

December 17, 2022 | The First Christmas, Part One: The Virgin Birth (REBROADCAST)
December 15, 2022

This program is a rebroadcast from December 19, 2020. Its the most wonderful time of the year! Today as we eagerly anticipate December 25th, were opening up a two-part series on the first Christmas.

December 10, 2022 | Let’s Talk About Hanukkah, Part 2 (REBROADCAST)
December 09, 2022

This program is a rebroadcast from December 21, 2019. Hanukkah is almost here! Were continuing our discussion this week with Steve Herzig, vice president of North American Ministries here at The Frie

December 3, 2022 | Let’s Talk About Hanukkah, Part 1 (REBROADCAST)
December 02, 2022

This program is a rebroadcast from December 14, 2019. Hanukkah and Christmas fall on the same week this yearand this week we are talking about all things Hanukkah! We welcome Steve Herzig, vice presi

November 26, 2022 | Thanksgiving
November 23, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday for many of us in America. And though its associated with its American roots, it has a surprising amount of parallels to Israel and the

November 19, 2022 | Israeli Elections
November 18, 2022

The votes are in! A familiar face is returning to the premiership in Israel: Benjamin Netanyahuthe longest-serving prime minister who last held the title just last year. The election marked Israels

November 12, 2022 | Interview with Don Sharpe, CMDA
November 11, 2022

If you dont live in Israel, you may have dreamed of making a tangible difference in the Jewish state before. Don Sharpe, our guest on this weeks program, is living that dream! A Magen David Adom vol