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The Friends of Israel Today

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September 11, 2021 | FOI in Action: Dr. Juan Carlos Espinoza, Argentina
September 10, 2021

Everyone needs the Lord. But before they’re ready to address their spiritual needs, many people have physical needs to take care of. That’s why Dr. Juan Carlos Espinoza and his work with our free medi

September 4, 2021 | Kidron Saga, Part 6
September 01, 2021

When Jesus left Earth, He sent the Holy Spirit to dwell within believers. But He also revealed His plan to physically return to the same spot from which He ascended into heaven: the Mount of Olives. S

August 28, 2021 | Kidron Saga, Part 5
August 27, 2021

God has dwelled with humanity in some extraordinary ways throughout history: in the Garden of Eden, the Tabernacle, the Temple, and in the person of Jesus Christ. But today He dwells with people in an

August 21, 2021 | Kidron Saga, Part 4
August 20, 2021

Let’s recap our Kidron Saga so far: We’ve seen God’s presence dwelling among people first in the Garden of Eden, then in the Tabernacle, then in the Temple before departing Jerusalem. But this isn’t t

August 14, 2021 | Kidron Saga, Part 3
August 13, 2021

Our study of the Tabernacle in part 2 of our Kidron saga comes into play this week in part 3 as we study God’s home on Earth: the Temple. King Solomon built this amazing structure for the Lord and His

August 7, 2021 | IMG In Depth: Interview with Paul Pierce
August 06, 2021

The book of Job is not for the faint of heart. Job dealt with the greatest losses a person can face and was tasked with remaining faithful to God through it all. Yet there is a subtle but undeniable p

July 31, 2021 | Kidron Saga, Part 2
July 30, 2021

The presence of God in our lives as believers makes our relationship with Him so special. But throughout history, God has dwelled with His people physically in several ways, which we’re learning about

July 24, 2021 | Kidron Saga, Part 1
July 23, 2021

Two of the most important mountains in the world are found in Jerusalem: Mount Moriah and the Mount of Olives. But it’s the Kidron Valley sitting between them that has so much to teach us about God’s

July 17, 2021 | FOI in Action: Ty Perry, The Power of the Gospel in Las Vegas
July 16, 2021

The power of the gospel of God’s grace changes lives forever. You can be a part of that work when you take the opportunities the Lord presents to you to share the gospel with those who need it most. T

July 10, 2021 | Jerusalem in Prophecy: Interview with Jim Showers
July 09, 2021

Jerusalem in Prophecy, our exciting, 3-day, online conference, is just around the corner! This week’s radio program offers a taste of what you can look forward to on July 18–20. Our show begins with a