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The Friends of Israel Today

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November 21, 2020 | Perspectives on Jesus: The Religious Leaders
November 20, 2020

Even though He came to offer salvation from sin, not everyone loved Jesus. We saw that fact last week through the eyes of the Romans, who were more concerned with their empire than with the Lord of the universe.

November 14, 2020 | Perspectives on Jesus: The Romans
November 13, 2020

Everyone views Jesus differently. Some think He was a prophet, others think He was a teacher, and still others think He was a common man. Of course, Christians worship Him as our loving Savior, the One we live to please and around whom we build our liv...

November 7, 2020 | Hanukkah Basket Outreach (FOI Ministry Highlight)
November 06, 2020

One of our favorite Jewish holidays, Hanukkah, is coming up soon! Every year The Friends of Israel enjoys demonstrating love and support for the Jewish community by preparing Hanukkah baskets, which are filled with delicious foods from Israeli business...

October 31, 2020 | U.S. Elections and the Impact on Israel
October 30, 2020

As Election Day quickly approaches in the United States, many issues factor into people’s voting considerations. Everything from the economy to social issues to foreign affairs takes center stage, and citizens vote according to the proposed ideals that...

October 24, 2020 | The Resurrection of the Church: Reflections on the Rapture
October 23, 2020

The Rapture is overlooked or purposely avoided by many today. This might leave you asking, “Is the Rapture really that important? Does the Bible even tell us anything definite about it?” You bet! The Rapture is a huge part of biblical prophecy and one ...

October 17, 2020 | IMG In Depth: Ecclesiastes
October 16, 2020

Money can buy almost anything, but it can’t buy the satisfaction our souls crave. King Solomon learned this lesson and shared his wisdom in Ecclesiastes. Solomon teaches about injustice, oppression, wealth,

October 10, 2020 | Interview: Steve Herzig, Update on Israel & the Middle East
October 09, 2020

Israel has sure been busy lately. This week we’re covering the most encouraging development in the region: Israel’s recent peace deals with the United Arab Emirates and with Bahrain, which we’re discussing with Steve Herzig,

October 3, 2020 | The Feast of Tabernacles
October 02, 2020

Every year at Christmas we are reminded that God came to Earth to dwell with humanity. Likewise, the Jewish holiday Sukkot, also called the Feast of Tabernacles, is a time to remember when God dwelled with people, specifically His Chosen People,

September 26, 2020 | Yom Kippur
September 25, 2020

Yom Kippur is a special Jewish holiday. Where other holidays focus on feasting, this one focuses on fasting. Where others cause people to celebrate joyfully, this one causes people to pray remorsefully. This is a day to ask God to cover and forgive sin...

September 19, 2020 | Rosh Hashanah
September 18, 2020

Even though we’re far from January 1, this weekend marks a New Year celebration—Rosh Hashanah, the fall feast that celebrates the Jewish New Year. God established this holiday as the Feast of Trumpets for the Israelites in Leviticus.