Fog of War 40k Podcast

Fog of War 40k Podcast

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FoW Episode 2.5 - Rocky Top & BAO
June 07, 2022

Hey everyone! Adam and John here coming in this week with some list reviews from the recent Rocky Top and BAO events. We also give our hot takes on Imperial / Chaos Knights' new books. Enjoy! 

FoW Episode 2.2 - Everything Tau with Quinton Johnson
February 23, 2022

Hey everyone John and Adam here and this episode we bring on a special guest Quinton Johnson to discuss the new Tau codex.

Fow Episode 2.1 - LVO
February 09, 2022

Hey guys, John and Adam are back and re-kindling the podcast after returning from LVO.

FoW Episode 64 - Las Vegas NOPEN
January 29, 2021

Hey guys, Adam and John take this episode to talk about the Las Vegas NOPEN. Enjoy!