From The Runway Up: An Airport and Aviation Podcast

From The Runway Up: An Airport and Aviation Podcast

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How the University of Tennessee Athletic Department Utilizes Private Charter Flights
October 10, 2019

Regardless of the sport or the destination, the University of Tennessee Athletic Department relies heavily on private charter flights to get student athletes to away games or competitions in a safe and timely manner. In this episode, David Elliott,

IROPS, SEADOG, HURREVAC: Impacts of Inclement Weather at Airports
September 25, 2019

Inclement weather in the form of rain, snow, sleet and strong winds can have a significant impact on airport operations. Learn how McGhee Tyson Airport handles turbulent weather in East Tennessee as well as how they lend a helping hand when natural dis...

Using Research and Technology to Combat Aviation Threats
September 16, 2019

Ever wonder how airport security technology is selected? In this episode, Scott Broyles, President & CEO of National Safe Skies Alliance, discusses the processes and research that go into the selection of security technologies found at airports today.

Airport Branding: It’s More Than Just A Plane Picture
August 30, 2019

Every day millions of travelers pass through airports around the world and often use directional signage and other design elements to successfully navigate the terminal building. From wayfinding to multi-faceted branding campaigns,

I Don’t Want to be 600th in Line. Do You?
June 25, 2019

Moving through an airport's security screening process shouldn't be a task you're dreading. It can be convenient and expedited without compromising the safety of the airport and its travelers. Hear from the Assistant Federal Security Director for TSA i...

New Flights, New Planes, Now How About a New Airline?
June 10, 2019

The aviation industry is experiencing exponential growth, and McGhee Tyson Airport is no different. With more than 20 destinations, increased flight options, and larger aircraft in our market, we are seeing continuous,

What Do Drones, The Fast and the Furious, and Knoxville Have in Common?
May 24, 2019

With a large government and private technology presence in our area, Knoxville is at the forefront of the tech industry, especially in regards to 3D Printing. In the episode, we speak with Local Motors to hear how they are solving mobility problems aro...

Celebrities, Crews, and Construction: How the Airport Hilton Continues to Adapt with Aviation
April 24, 2019

An airport hotel means a night’s rest after a long trip. It is a place of privacy for a musician on tour. It is a place where multi-million dollar deals are made. It’s important for airport hotels to stay current and meet the needs of the traveling pub...

When Minutes Matter: How Children’s Hospital Uses Aviation to Save Lives
March 29, 2019

Episode Description Minutes matter…The golden hour…Time is of the essence…Each of these phrases are often used when referring to medical emergency situations where taking quick action means the difference between life and death. In this episode,

Trending Bucket List Destinations for Spring & Summer Travel
February 27, 2019

Planning a vacation can be overwhelming, especially when answering question #1: 'Where do I want to travel?' From researching flight options to securing hotel accommodations, travelers can either have fun planning their entire experience or lean on an ...