Flippin’ Out Radio on Radio Misfits

Flippin’ Out Radio on Radio Misfits

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Flippin Out Radio – Ms. Butterworth
June 29, 2020

James never knew Ms. Butterworth was black, while Uncle Ben could be replaced by Mr. Starchy — but is that privilege? Mike says de-fund the police isn’t what it sounds like, James isn’t so sure, but both sides agree reform could make sense.

Flippin Out Radio – Reunion Show Pt2
June 22, 2020

Part 2 of the Flippin Out Radio / Garden State Radio reunion Will sports ever resume? How did @LaurenCrocker_ find out Brady would be in Tampa? Memories of CSB characters — Joe B, Joey Baboots Past eras of GSR — like Marlow, Tony,

Flippin Out Radio – 10 Years!
May 26, 2020

James Flippin with @LaurenCrocker_ , Johnny Appleseed and  JP Furious. The Original Garden State Radio crew reunites ten years after the show began, with CSB closing in NJ. Antics are recalled, the story of how it all began is told,

Flippin Out Radio – Most American Podcast Ever Created
May 18, 2020

James and Mike connect via zoom to talk about the closing of CSB’s North Jersey campus — the original meeting place for GSR ( now Flippin Out Radio ) is no more… Mike and James discuss their beginnings in broadcasting and how this became the Most Ameri...

Flippin Out Radio – After The Virus
April 06, 2020

James continues to be a good “social-distancer” using “digital-distancing” to podcast with Mike Montone. Topics include: life “after the virus”, why this situation shouldn’t be compared to 9/11 or Pearl Harbor,

Flippin Out Radio – Soul Joel Richardson
March 24, 2020

James Flippin interviews Joel “Soul Joel” Richardson, who’s had to temporarily close up his comedy show during the coronavirus outbreak, and has now shifted his focus towards promoting one of his comic’s specials, which is available on Vimeo.

Flippin Out Radio – 3/7/20
March 07, 2020

James and Erica chat coronavirus and how NYC really should be getting together some cash for Chinatown’s restaurants, plus stop it with the masks they don’t help, and some random news items like “woke” smart-devices, Wendy Williams distasteful joke,

Flippin’ Out Radio – 2/27/20
February 27, 2020

James Flippin, Mike Montone, and Erica, together for the first time at Flippin Out Radio Studios in Bloomfield, NJ Topics include: the concept of a “cursory” interview, Erica’s anger over her friend’s hookup’s sexuality,

Flippin Out Radio – 01/28/20
January 28, 2020

James, Mike and Katie chat about Weinstein, the casting couch and creepy Hollywood, plus where hookup culture is at in 2020, (reluctantly) — don’t fuck with cats on the internet, and the douche who tried to get a toothbrush for one-cent.

Flippin Out Radio – 1/20/20
January 20, 2020

James Flippin, Mike Montone and Katie G discuss the Astros sign-stealing scandal and its fallout, explaining the fun of craps in the casino, betting in sports and the smart phone factor, Don Imus’ Rutgers comments recalled,