Flippin' Out Radio on Radio Misfits

Flippin' Out Radio on Radio Misfits

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Flippin Out Radio – Mother Theresa? Oh, Brother
May 08, 2023

James, Evan, and Princess Jada record their first nighttime episode from FOR studios, with Chris on the premises. They recap James' honeymoon in Hawaii, transportation issues, Evan's unfortunate (inadvertent) dead-naming at the movies, bans on gas stoves,

Flippin Out Radio – Aggressive Sneeze Turnover
March 06, 2023

James, Evan, and Jada are in studio, discussing cat and nose hair problems/updates, banned books that a young James must have had in his closet, a way to get 21k, subway songs, duck masks, Jada's ATM story, and more. [EP416]

Flippin Out Radio – But Wait, There’s More
February 08, 2023

James and Evan welcome in the lovely Jada as well as newcomer Brett. Topics include James new job back in NYC radio again, as well as the fact hes now shaving exposing his classic buttchin. Plus, Evan is being aggressive as always including a baffling

Flippin Out Radio – Rolling Up Toothpaste at Urinals
November 14, 2022

James and Evan host a relaxing weekend conversation on the couch, Larry David was right about FTX, Gregg Popovich virtue signaled so hard he ignored his 1st round draft pick flasher, Kanye is in trouble bc he wasn't talking about white Christians, Jerry S

Flippin Out Radio – Making a Difference
October 15, 2022

James Flippin and Evan Petracca discuss: marital bliss, trash day pickups, Brooklyn bishops, the pay gap, community questions, shaky bridges, profitable podcasting, Roger Clemens crying, and rejecting Prime despite the NFL. [EP412]  

Flippin Out Radio – A Wedding and a Blind Snake
July 26, 2022

James recaps his recent nuptials, which Evan and Princess Jada had to miss due to COVID, even though the wedding became a super spreader anyway, but we recount the (otherwise) lovely affair, including a timeline of events and the emotions involved. Plus s

Flippin Out Radio – Lemon Party
April 19, 2022

James is in studio -- the Bloomfield basement -- with Mike Montone and Evan Petracca, with the lovely Princess Jada also in attendance. We're getting closer to James' late June wedding date, and there may be some elements from a traditional Apache ceremon

Flippin Out Radio – A Hoe in This House
January 10, 2022

James Flippin and Evan Petracca back at it from Flippin Out Radio studios where Evan's girlfriend Jada is in for the first time, both of them had COVID, the world's largely moving on, broken parking meters mean you download the app now, kids in New Jersey

Flippin Out Radio – What’s Up…? Go F#%$ Yourself, That’s What!
November 28, 2021

James Flippin is getting neck deep in wedding prep and discussing the now-passed Thanksgiving holiday as well as Black Friday... there's a neighborhood asshole who loudly revs his car everyday... who asked for the gay guy on the cover of Playboy?  Nominat

Flippin Out Radio – After Ida’s Floods
September 20, 2021

James Flippin and Evan Petracca both had their basements flooded during Ida -- meaning James lost his studio and Evan had damage to his bedroom... we pick up the pieces and move on, including working with Servpro, struggling with when to be an LGBT ally,