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X-Factor: Reciprocity
October 16, 2019

We're here for another session with #DrCharliBrown on #FlashBlackRadio! In this podcast, Dr. Charli and da Vinci Parks begin a discussion on reciprocity!#EmotionalHealing #Reciprocity #HaW #Health #Wellness #MentalHealth #TranspersonalPsychology #Blac...

The Love Below: Moving Towards Forgiveness
October 09, 2019

We're gearing up for another session with #DrCharli on #FlashBlackRadio! In this podcast, Dr. Charli addresses forgiveness!#EmotionalHealing #Forgiveness #HaW #Health #Wellness #MentalHealth #TranspersonalPsychology #BlackPodcast #BlackPodcasts

Growing Past Our Trauma
October 02, 2019

We hope you're ready for another session with #DrCharli on #FlashBlackRadio! In this podcast, Dr. Charli addresses how being shut down at an early age can stunt our emotional growth and delves into the value (or lack thereof) in being the victim.

Climate Revolution
September 25, 2019

On 9-24-2019, K. Savage comes back just in time to tag in for Tee Rich and Slli'm Williams who are out for the day. On this podcast, she and da Vinci Parks discuss the Extinction Rebellion climate activists and how the school to prison pipeline can be ...

Coffee Dates Are for Friends
September 18, 2019

On 9-16-2019, The Usual Suspects got together to (sans K. Savage) to discuss Beyonce's snubs at the Creative Arts Emmys(?); Lyfe Jennings' latest musical offering; Whether or not coffee dates are appropriate for dates; New York Times Best Selling Autho...

Sorry America a.k.a. Carpe That Diem
September 11, 2019

9-9-2019 - We're just gonna be honest here: Tee Rich and K. Savage weren't on the podcast today, so Slli'm and da Vinci Parks went unchaperoned for the entire podcast. Nothing got broken, but nothing got solved, either.

Mirroring What You Feel in the World Around You
August 28, 2019

Dr. Charli gets existential as she breaks down learning how to vibrate on a different frequency, change up dynamics that affect you internally and externally, and much more. Come on in, the session is about to start!

Lightning In A Bottle
August 21, 2019

On 8-20-2019, The Usual Suspects got together to discuss Jay Z by breaking down the Roc Nation deal with the NFL (what we know so far), Trump diming out his own Congresswomen; getting your money right before the recession; Dave Chappelle and Eddie Mur...

Nurse Jami Speaks on Medical Apartheid
August 14, 2019

We are super excited as our favorite resident (Registered) Nurse Jami come back to drop more knowledge, this time about medical apartheid. In this podcast, we discuss patient advocacy, the book, "Medical Apartheid,

Casting Dispersions / Go ‘head girl, do your show
August 07, 2019

On 8-5-2019, The Usual Suspects got together to discuss mass shootings and the seemingly less enraged response to mass shootings, the root of mass shootings and the excuse, Aziz Ansari's stand-up special, "Right Now," Twitter's list of Top 50 Emcees,