Fixing Healthcare Podcast

Fixing Healthcare Podcast

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Episode 18: Eric Swalwell on whether Congress can pass a bipartisan healthcare bill
February 08, 2020

In this episode, we welcome Representative Eric Swalwell, from California’s 15th Congressional District.

Episode 17: Talking healthcare politics with James Carville  
January 12, 2020

In this episode, we welcome James Carville, one of the most recognizable figures in American politics.

Episode 16: ‘The House of God’ author Samuel Shem
December 13, 2019

Samuel Shem reflects on why “The House of God” remains relevant, why the doctor-patient relationship is faltering and what can be done to combat the “abuse” of doctors.  

Episode 15: Theranos whistleblower Tyler Shultz
November 10, 2019

He's known for blowing the whistle on a billion-dollar startup and leaving its CEO Elizabeth Holmes on the verge of bankruptcy. Hear Tyler's story first-hand on 'Fixing Healthcare.'

Episode 14: John Delaney wants to be first US president with ‘any experience in the healthcare business’
September 23, 2019

Presidential hopeful John Delaney joined the Fixing Healthcare podcast to spell out his plan for the future of American healthcare policy.

Episode 13: David Blumenthal gives Medicare-for-all ‘zero chance’ of becoming law
September 08, 2019

As co-hosts Robert Pearl and Jeremy Corr turn their attention to the politics of American healthcare, they were eager to greet the first guest of season three, David Blumenthal.

Bonus episode: The best of ‘Fixing Healthcare’ so far
August 09, 2019

In this “bonus episode,” co-hosts Dr. Robert Pearl and Jeremy Corr offer their take on the best ideas and most promising solutions from seasons one and two of the Fixing Healthcare podcast. 

Episode 12: Solutions from Kevin Pho, social media’s No. 1 physician voice 
July 06, 2019

Season two’s final guest is Dr. Kevin Pho, a primary care physician, author, public speaker and media consultant who's best known for his platform KevinMD.

Episode 11: Modern lessons from medicine’s grisly past with Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris
June 06, 2019

Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris is one of the world’s leading scholars on medical history and an expert storyteller.

Episode 10: Dr. Zeev Neuwirth’s roadmap for disrupting healthcare  
May 11, 2019

Zeev Neuwirth's new book “Reframing Healthcare” calls for a shift from today’s medical mindset to a “marketing mindset.”