Fixer Upper Marriage

Fixer Upper Marriage

11 Ways to Keep Money from Destroying Your Marriage

July 19, 2020

What is Money?

* Money is this powerful, mysterious force that controls and changes your life. It divides people into classes (the haves and the have nots). And nothing makes people more jealous than money.* Money is an intoxication. Having it makes you feel powerful, independent, and free. Not having it makes you feel weak, helpless, and bound. It is like an addiction to a powerful drug. It controls you.* Money is an abusive master. It manipulates you with fear and hopelessness. It beats you down, stresses you out, and dictates what you can or can’t do.* Money is an elusive substance- a mirage in the desert of life. When you find it, it is never really there. It’s a dream that never lives up to reality. It is never enough.* Money is a terrible lover who steals your heart and never loves you back. * Money is a god who demands your worship at all costs. It takes your soul but only gives superficial things back.

In a poll of divorced people conducted by MagnifyMoney, 21% of divorcées cite money as the cause of their divorce. Of course, we all know that money problems cause a lot of stress. And that stress can destroy your relationship. How crazy is it, that little pieces of paper can have so much power.

But money only has the power that you give it. There are ways to keep it from hurting your love. Most money problems are self-inflicted but other times things happen, like injury, death in your family, sickness, or job loss. But regardless of how you get into financial hardship, that hardship doesn’t have to mean the end of your love.

“Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that.”–Norman Vincent Peale

As a disclaimer, I am not a financial expert or advisor. My focus is on how money impacts your relationship. And as a confession, I am working on these things in my own marriage. So maybe this whole thing is for me! But I think you will definitely find this episode helpful. I will leave the links to any of the resources in the comments below.

Table Of Contents

1. Talk About Your Budget Together2. Prioritize Your Spending3. Use the ROI Method to Analyze Your Spending Choices4. Limit Your Credit Accounts5. Live Within Your Means6. Save for Large Purchases7. Don’t Let Money Be Your Measuring Stick of Success8. Use Available Resources9. Give Yourself Some “Free” Money10. Give Liberally11. Remember Where Your Money Really Comes From

1. Talk About Your Budget Together

Don’t Hide Things from Each Other

When you become one, so does your money. Your relationship is built on trust and if you violate that trust, it can deeply harm the love that you have for each other. Husbands and wives should live in a glass house with each other. I am not doing something on the computer that my wife knows nothing about. I don’t have relationships with other people that she is not aware of.