Fitness Business Blueprint with Justin Devonshire

Fitness Business Blueprint with Justin Devonshire

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7-Figure Fitness Studio CHECKLIST
June 11, 2024

This is the step-by-step checklist of what you need to put in place for a 7-figure fitness studio. Get the PDF (and video training) of the checklist HERE <<Join our gym-owners FB group for more content! #fitnessmarketing

The #1 BEST Way to Get PT Clients
June 09, 2024

Create a custom gameplan to DOUBLE your gym revenue for FREE with Justin here: Join our gym-owners FB group for more content! #fitnessmarketing #gymmarketing #personaltrainermarketing

Complete Guide to Hiring For Your Studio (Who & In What Order)
June 06, 2024

To enjoy a fully-outsourced business so you can take time off and be free, requires you to hire the right team. Unfortunately, most studio owners aren't told WHO they need to hire, and WHEN to hire them. I give you complete clarity in this short epi

This Sales Funnel Gets 5 New PT Clients a Week
June 05, 2024

This is BY FAR the FASTEST way to get high-ticket personal training clients right now. To see the funnel described, check out the video on Youtube: Want to see how this funnel will work in your studio? Let's set up your

How to Make FREE TRIALS Work in 2024
May 29, 2024

Have you ever tried offering a "Free trial' for your personal training or fitness studio... BUT you get unqualified leads and nobody ever becomes a client? Me too. Until I tweaked the method and came up with this 6-step formula for turning free

How to Start a Fitness Newsletter
May 27, 2024

Got a list of "dead" leads? Then you're leaving money on the table! The easiest and fastest way to re-engage your list and turn them into BUYERS is by starting your own fitness newsletter. This episode show you how a fitness newsletter wil

How to Overcome Rising Ad Costs & a Saturated Market in 2024
December 21, 2023

Gym owners are facing a big problem going into 2024: your town is saturated with similar competitors and your ad costs are skyrocketing. What will you do when your average lead cost is 20 or more? Today's podcast reveals exactly what we've done

How to 5X Your Gym Profit Margins [4 Systems]
December 07, 2023

Most gym owners are stuck below 20k/month because they have revenue... but not PROFIT.Profit is what gives you freedom. Because profit allows to re-invest in better systems, and loyal staff. so you can take more time off. As a rule, a typical 2000 squar

If I Had to Make £10-20k cash in 30 days (with NO ads), THIS is What I Would Do...
December 06, 2023

Make an extra 10-20k cash upfront in your gym - WITHOUT Ads in the next 30 days, with this 4-step cash-injection strategy. Want to implement this strategy and make at least 10k in the next 30 days with my personal help and my done-for-you systems, scrip

Get 5 Clients/Month From Instagram Organic [Full strategy]
December 05, 2023

Instagram is the best organic platform for gym owners to get clients right now. And almost nobody is doing this yet! Follow this step by step plan to start getting 5-10 new clients a month from IG (with ZERO paid ads and WITHOUT making Reels) Lets cont