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FIR #276: Should I Tay Or Should I Go?
August 09, 2022

Remember Microsoft Tay? The 2016 Twitter chatbot suffered from a concerted effort to teach it all manner of vile things, prompting Microsoft to withdraw the service and apologize. That experience is top of mind for pretty much everyone talking about Meta'

FIR #275: Will You Have An NFT With Your Coffee?
August 05, 2022

Brands have been tripping over themselves to jump on the Web3/metaverse/NFT bandwagon, but few have articulated a strategic and comprehensive approach at the level Starbucks has. In this short mid-week FIR episode, Neville and Shel look at how Starbucks p

FIR #274: Is Unbranded Unethical?
August 02, 2022

According to one definition, unbranded content "isn’t specifically about your company but is relevant to your industry or product in some way." There are unbranded videos like this one from WREN, an online clothing retailer. Released in 2014, it's a film

FIR #273: What Is The Metaverse? It’s A Network
July 28, 2022

If you peruse search results for "the metaverse," it will seem like half the content you find focuses on defining it. At Nvidia, executive Richard Kerris thinks it's pretty easy to define. "The metaverse is not a place," he says. "It's the network for the

FIR #272: Tick Tick Tick Tick Search
July 26, 2022

Research conducted by Google found that nearly 40 percent of Gen Z are using Tik Tok and Instagram for search instead of Google. It's a real-world example of significant shifts exhibited by this group of 10-to-22-year-olds. By 2025, they will represent 30

Circle of Fellows #83: What Communication Is…And Isn’t (Part One)
July 22, 2022

Ask leaders what “communication” is and you are likely to hear a wide range of answers, especially when it comes to the role of a company communication function. Some of those answers may be accurate, others not so much. Too often, leaders see communicati

FIR #271: Work-From-Home and the Generational Divide
July 20, 2022

A lot is fueling the debate over whether workers should be able to continue working remotely, at least some of the time, or get themselves back to the office. The debate pits workers against leaders, and the assumption is that it's just a matter of how ea

FIR #270: Disgust, Convenience, and Reputation
July 18, 2022

Topics up for discussion in the monthly long-form episode include the following:L Are holograms about to go mainstream? There is outrage over revelations of massive wrongdoing by Uber. Will everyone keep riding them anyway? Uses of NFTs are expanding far

FIR #269: Doppelgängers Everywhere!
July 14, 2022

Soon golfers and fans of the sport will be able to interact one-on-one with the legendary Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus. Well, not Nicklaus himself, but his digital twin. Nicklaus spent hours in a studio having every facial expression and gesture recorded. T

FIR #268: NFTs in the Checkout Lane
July 13, 2022

While some assume NFTs are on their way out as the value of digital artwork has plummeted, brick-and-mortar retailers are increasingly finding ways to offer the ability to mint NFTs right in their stores. In this episode, Neville and Shel look at some of