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Ep 220-Swipesum CEO Michael Seaman
November 26, 2023

Swipesum Founder and CEO Michael Seaman gives us the latest in the payments space, smarter ways to manage your payments infrastructure and what a fractional Chief Payments Officer is this week on the

Ep 219- Refine Intelligence, Head of Intelligence Rio Miner
November 06, 2023

Rio Miner the Head of Intelligence at Refine Intelligence joins us for a fascinating talk about how identifying the good guys is just as important as finding the bad guys, the challenges of legal cann

Ep 218- PointFive CEO & Co-Founder Alon Arvatz
October 19, 2023

Great conversation with Alon Arvatz the CEO & co-founder of and author of The Battle for your Computer. What its like to be an angel investor, the many challenges of cybersecurity and bu

Ep 217- Flex CEO Zaid Rahman
October 13, 2023

Building a finance super app, solving tough SMB growth challenges and what its like to be a Thiel Fellow. This and much more with Zaid Rahman, the founder/CEO of Flex on the Fintech Newscast https://

Ep 216- Lenker Founder John Lenker and CKO Kevin deLaplante
October 03, 2023

The importance of a good brand, what that means to you and your clients, and some advice to Wells Fargo. Lenker founder John Lenker and CKO Kevin deLaplante this week on the Fintech Newscast https://w

Ep215- StretchBill Founder and CEO Matt Golis
September 26, 2023

Serial entrepreneur Matt Golis the CEO and Founder of StretchBill joins us to talk about the next evolution in pay over time. Fantastic insights on quickly launching a fintech, the vacation rental mar

Ep 214- Pia Wendelbo from Scandinavian Change Agents
September 19, 2023

Lucky this week to have Pia Wendelbo of Scandinavian Change Agents on the Fintech Newscast. Great discussion on guiding firms through rapid change, common strategy mistakes and why a thirty hour work

Ep 213- Select Founder and CEO Carlo Cisco
September 08, 2023

Why Select is moving into credit cards with a unique value proposition and how running a fintech has changed post-COVID. Thanks to Carlo Cisco CEO and Founder of Select for a great conversation! https

Ep 212- Ivan Matviak – Author and EVP at Clearwater Analytics
August 23, 2023

How do you measure the benefits of collaboration? What are the trade offs for in-person work in a remote work world? Great insights from Ivan Matviak the author of Smarter Collaboration A New Appro

Ep 211- infoSentience Founder Steven Wasick
July 25, 2023

AI is in a hype cycle.. again and here to guide us through this one is infoSentience founder Steven Wasick. Great chat on how (machine) hallucinations can be avoided when using AI at scale, the value