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20th Century World History Fun Online

March 20, 2023
Finish Well Homeschool Podcast, Podcast #182, 20th Century World History Fun Online, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network
20th Century World History Fun Online

In “20th Century World History Fun Online,” Episode, #181, Laura Nolette & Meredith Curtis talk about Meredith’s 20th Century World History Class online at True North Homeschooling Academy. First, they talk about history co-oping and how they ended up leading a co-op and teaching online. They discuss history labs (design an amusement park, diaromas, acting out battles, radio shows, commercials) and how they add depth and fun to history studies.




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Show Notes

Our experience  history co-oping and teaching online

History Classes In Person – Co-op
  • All ages together for history lab
  • Separate classes for discussing history material
  • Archaeological Dig
  • “Olympic Games”
  • Quill Pens & Berry Ink
  • Tin Punching
  • Act Out Stagecoach Robbery
  • Underground Railroad Game (similar to capture the flag)
History Labs in the 20th Century
  • Games through the Century
  • DIY Miniature Gold
  • Diaroma of Battlefield – Trench Warfare
  • War II Poster
  • Listen to Music from each Decade
  • Radio Show – Truthful Reporting from Vietnam
  • Create an Airplane Company & Make Commercial
  • Plan a Trip on Route 66
  • Design an Amusement Park
  • Mapping
  • Family Trees
  • Much more!
Why Teaching the 20th Century Is Needed
  • So much of history is being rewritten
  • 20th Century impacts 21st Century
  • Socialism/Communism needs to be understood
  • Wars/Terrorism/Civil Rights Movement/Eugenics/
  • Set them up for success in the more formal years
World History 20th Century
  • Online classes at True North Homeschool Academy
  • 2 Classes – Middle School & High School
  • Textbook & Workbook at Home
  • Powerpoint, Videos, Project Sharing, and Discussion online
Benefits of Online History Fun
  • Teen LIKE history
  • Teens learn with other teens
  • Just one hour a week for 15 weeks/semester
  • Pleasant, wholesome atmosphere
20th Century World History at True North Homeschool Academy
  • World History of the 20th Century for High Schoolers

World History - 20th Century Class at True North Homeschool Academy









  • Twentieth Century History Modern World for Jr. High Students

20th Century Modern History for Jr. High at True North Homeschool Academy










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