Finding Peaks

Finding Peaks

Beond Ibogaine: a Plant-Based Recovery Approach

January 16, 2023

Episode 88
Beond Ibogaine: a Plant-Based Recovery Approach

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 In this episode, Brandon Burns and Jason Friesema sit down with Tom Feegel, CEO of Beond, an Ibogaine-based treatment approach. Using personal and professional experience, our team strikes up important conversations with Tom regarding “traditional” treatment for mental health and addiction recovery and how it does not support every individual’s journey to finding self-motivation and healing. Instead, this episode offers information on looking behind the curtain of plant-based medicine to determine who this is useful for and what makes it effective. For more information about Beond, go to their website

Talking Points
  1. Introduction to Tom Feegel and Beond
  2. Reflecting on “traditional” treatment
  3. Seeking help through plant-based medicine
  4. Dispelling myths of addictive possibilities to plant-based substances
  5. Efficacy of plant-based treatment
  6. The proper setting for plant-based medicine
  7. What to expect at the Beond facility
  8. What to expect from an Ibogaine treatment
  9. Outcomes after an Ibogaine treatment
  10. How to find Beond


“People say, ‘you saved my life.’ And we remind them every time they need to say that and look in the mirror. They saved their own life; we just created a place and a way for them to take advantage of their willingness to save their own life. They did the work; we just supported them.”

– Tom Feegel, CEO Beond.

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