Finding Peaks

Finding Peaks

Self Growth & Development With Kevin Miller

July 11, 2022

Episode 61
Self Growth & Development With Kevin Miller

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We are joined by a special guest, Kevin Miller, who leads a successful business and podcast, “Self Help(ful)” where they discuss and uncover the self-improvement and personal development wisdom you can take immediate action on for your own growth and fulfillment. This one-of-a-kind Finding Peaks episode is full of wisdom and lightheartedness we all could find value in.

Talking Points
  1. Kevin’s story
  2. The challenges that come with work-life balance
  3. The advice Jason and Kevin choose to give children for the self-development
  4. Finding the balance between patience and pulling the trigger
  5. Building resilience through the negativity
  6. Kevin’s inspiration behind “Self Help(ful)” Podcast


“The aspect of personal development, personal growth, and bettering ourselves was just part of my family’s ethos, so I got to grow up with that. Amongst that going to conferences with my dad. Even when I went into other areas of life, that was always the interest.” 

– Kevin Miller, Professional Podcast Host

Episode Transcripts

Episode 61 Transcripts