The Financial Harmoney Podcast

The Financial Harmoney Podcast

#21 – Why You Deserve to Pursue Your Dream Life

May 03, 2021

#21 - Why You Deserve to Pursue Your Dream Life
Do you allow yourself to pursue your dream? Or are you holding yourself back? Whether it's obligations you have, the security you feel now or a belief that there is so much you should be grateful for already, that it seems selfish to want to have more... 

In today's episode, here are some of the questions I address when it comes to pursuing your dream life:

Who am I to pursue a dream life? 
Who am I to want more than I already have? 
Who am I to think that I can do what people much more successful than me have done? 

Here's my question for you: Why not? Why wouldn't you pursue your dream life? Why wouldn't you be allowed to follow your passions more? If others can do it, why couldn't you do it? Why wouldn't you let yourself feel the energy and passion by allowing yourself to dream big and pursue your dream? 

Here is the thing: those other people aren't anything special either. They too started from 0. They too might have doubted their own abilities. They too might have not felt very secure of themselves either. They too might have had a partner or a family who didn't fully "get it". 

You know that you won't get any closer to your dream if you don't allow yourself to dream, right? 

When you allow yourself to pursue your dream life and allow your passions into your life, I know you'll not just feel happier yourself, but you'll also be more positive, energetic, patient and loving with your loved ones. Others might even directly benefit from your dream: a bigger house, more money, a charity you'll give more to.

And remember: if you don't create your own dream life, nobody else will do it for you either.

Listen to today's episode to find out how to overcome your own objections when it comes to starting your dream life. 

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