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Notorious (Alfred Hitchcock Deep Dive #32)
June 10, 2024

Say it again, it keeps me awake. ...I love you... Ingrid Bergman and Hitchcock go back to back! This time its Cary Grant she teams up with, in a tale of international espionage, manipulation, uranium,

Good Habits (Cutting Room Floor #208)
June 03, 2024

On this podcast, we've talked before about BAD habits and how to break them. But what about GOOD habits? What about that stuff that we know we SHOULD be doing, but it's hard to get going? Josh and Ira

Spellbound (Alfred Hitchcock Deep Dive #31)
May 28, 2024

Amnesia: the trick of the mind for remaining sane... You see "Dream Sequence by Salvador Dali" in the credits and you get excited! Hitch isdoing some things with this one. We're going super psycholog

Does It Get Any Easier? (Cutting Room Floor #207)
May 23, 2024

It's so, sooooo hard when you're starting out. We all look forward to the day where it gets easier. The thought of the work just pumping out of us, amazing and free, kinda keeps us going in those earl

Lifeboat (Alfred Hitchcock Deep Dive #30)
May 20, 2024

Dying together's even more personal than living together... Hitchcock plays with setting this time around, confining his ENTIRE FILM to a single lifeboat. And it doesn't pull any punches. Dead babies,

Advice For An Aspiring Writer (Cutting Room Floor #206)
May 16, 2024

So you want to be a writer. You're interested in a life of storytelling. Long term. What do you need to know? Or, as someone who's already dedicated themselves to a lifetime of spinning tales, what wo

Shadow of a Doubt (Alfred Hitchcock Deep Dive #29)
May 13, 2024

The cities are full of women... Alfred transports us to small-town America this time, a land of unlocked doors, everyone knows everyone, and the world is full of innocence. But then Uncle Charlie come

A Good Kick In The Ass (Cutting Room Floor #205)
May 09, 2024

An ass-kicking never feels good! It hurts every time. And yet, especially in the creative sense, we all need to be told when we're doing something wrong; we all need to be humbled. can gettin

Saboteur (Alfred Hitchcock Deep Dive #28)
May 06, 2024

Must I remind you that *you* are the fugitive from justice and not I? It'sThe 39 Steps: Part 2! Hitchcock returns to what is clearly a favorite premise: an innocent man on the run from a criminal con

Remembering Greatness, Forgetting the Rest (Cutting Room Floor #204)
May 02, 2024

400 episodes! Wild. This week, we're tackling the question of bad vs good vs great from the angle of seeking out new books, TV, and Film. It can be a hard road! Most stuff out there isn't,