Fierce Marriage

Fierce Marriage

Abortion, Birth Control, IVF, and Babies (Adam and Chelsea Griffin)

May 23, 2019

Adam and Chelsea Griffin are a force for life. Adam is a pastor and podcaster in the Dallas area and Chelsea is a Labor & Delivery nurse. Today we talked about all things "life", especially in terms of abortion, birth control, IVF, and God's desire for children in the family. Today's conversation was helpful and counter-cultural. Thanks for listening!

Topics covered:

  • A Christian perspective of when life begins
  • Contraceptives (and abortifacient drugs)
  • Grace in Christ for those who unknowingly took abortifacient contraceptives
  • How many kids should a couple have? i.e. Should we claim significant control over the number of kids we raise?
  • How should the reality that "God opens and closes the womb" affect family planning?

Thanks for listening!

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