Fierce Marriage

Fierce Marriage

Singleness and Dating to the Glory of God (Kait Warman)

March 14, 2019

Today we interviewed Kait Warman, a gospel-centered dating "expert" (our word, not hers) and host of the Heart of Dating Podcast. We had a very interesting and fun conversation! A few of the things we talked about include:

  • How married couples can help and encourage singles and daters
  • The dating scene and how to navigate it as a Christian
  • How to set healthy boundaries and habits for dating
  • Dating as a means of growing in Kingdom purpose
  • Some ways singles can "hyper-spiritualize" the dating process
  • Leaving others better than you found them when dating
  • What physical boundaries should dating couples have?
  • Kait mentioned an "eroticism for life" (listen for the full context!)
  • Creating a "board of advisors" for your dating life
  • Kait shared one of her WORST dating stories

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