The Fierce Marriage Podcast

The Fierce Marriage Podcast

Why Understanding Covenant is Absolutely Foundational for Your Marriage

March 27, 2018

We are big advocates for understanding the “why” behind the “what.” When we can understand the deeper meaning of covenant, we are better equipped to understand its importance for every facet of modern-day marriage. There is wisdom to be mined, understanding to be gleaned, and a clearer and more joyful path for our marriage when we seek to understand covenant. There is power and purpose in a lifelong commitment!


In the Quick Q&A, we mentioned this talk on evaluating birth-control. It's long but well worth the listen. If you use birth control, it's important you understand what exactly happens and how it functions in your body:

Couple's Challenge

Think of one new thing you’ve learned about covenant from today’s podcast? Discuss it with your spouse.

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