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Fermented Adventure The Podcast

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Eda Rhyne Distilling Company - Chris Bower
May 07, 2024

This episode features Chris Bower of Eda Rhyne Distilling Company. Chris had been looking into doing a distillery for a number of years. He had been working on some home made projects. One day a mutual friend Rett Murphy came to Chris and shared that he&#

Perlick Distillery - Scott Perlick
April 30, 2024

This episode features Scott Perlick of Perlick Distillery.The Perlick family and their ancestors have been farming the land in Northern Wisconsin since the 1920's. It is a small county with about 17,000 people and two stop lights. They farm over 2,00

Bourbon Of The Week - Chris Littlewood
April 23, 2024

This episode features Chris Littlewood of Bourbon Of The Week.Chris started his YouTube Channel right before the start of Covid. It was a project to educate himself and other about whiskey. Chris's introduction to all things whiskey came by the way o

The Inn at Grace Winery
April 16, 2024

In this episode we are joined by Andrew Yingst, Cory Ruggiero and Rachel Rougeaux-Testerman of The Inn at Grace Winery. The bed and breakfast got it all started in the late 1980's. Grace Le Vines left the property to Christopher Le Vines who establis

Drew Mayville - Buffalo Trace/Sazerac
April 09, 2024

This episode features Drew Mayville of Buffalo Trace and Sazerac.When Drew was originally looking for work he applied to a brewery and a distillery. The distillery turned out to be Seagram's. In hind sight this was his best move. He began in the dist

Wineabago - David and Mellanie Pritchett
April 02, 2024

This episode features David and Mellanie Pritchett of Wineabago.David and Mellanie picked up their camper one year ago. They travel around visiting wineries, places of interest and hockey arenas. The journey began in Missouri and Illinois and now they ha

BOTLD - Andrew Auwerda and Drew Perry
March 26, 2024

This episode features Andrew Auwerda and Drew Perry of BOTLD.The idea for BOTLD came during covid. Andrew was running Philadelphia Distilling. The PLCB was closed for 12 weeks during the lockdown. That was their number one purchaser of Bluecoat American

BevFluence - Justin Koury
March 19, 2024

This episode features Justin Koury of BevFluence.Bevfluence is a group of writers and bloggers that got together in 2016. They had a vision of a better way to connect with brands and the industry as a whole. They seek to elevate experience and travel thr

Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery - Christian Ryan
March 12, 2024

This episode feature Christian Ryan of Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery.This ten year journey began as a hobby for the founders of Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery. They are lovers of bourbon and whiskey. The idea of opening a winery didn't appea

Sono 1420 America's Maritime Distillery - Ted Dumbauld
March 05, 2024

This episode features Ted Dumbauld of Sono 1420 America's Maritime Distillery.Ted's path to distilling originated from the cannabis industry. He had the idea to build a brand at the intersection of cannabis and alcohol. The innovation that he&#39