Feminine as F*ck

Feminine as F*ck

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368: Debunking the Myths Around Being the Female Breadwinner
May 01, 2024

A Spicy “Clapback” to Recent Instagram Comments and What It’s Actually Like Being the Breadwinner. Here’s what Monica is covering:

REMINDER: HER closes in 4 days!!
April 26, 2024

Start with the FREE pre-work now: https://monicayateshealth.com/pages/becoming-her-masterclass?utm_source=podcast&utm_medium=podcast&utm_campaign=her-mcMonica is dropping in to remind you that HER closes in just a few days!! She's sharing h

367: The Missing Piece From Your Money Mindset Work & Questions to Ask Yourself if You’re Ready for More
April 24, 2024

TANGIBLE, how-to tips to take your relationship with money to the next level. Its the wealth temperature check we didnt even know we needed. And listen, even if youve done a lot of money healing work on yourself and youre rolling your eyes at ye

366: The Dark Side of Personal Development & How to Know if You’ve Actually Done the Work
April 17, 2024

IMPORTANT NOTE: This topic is VERY context-dependent and challenging to talk about in a more general fits for everybody sense, so please use your discernment when applying this to your own life and relationships.This might just be one of the most imp

365: How to ‘Be in Your Feminine Energy’ While Doing ‘Masculine’ Things (Plus How to Stop Overthinking It)
April 10, 2024

Monica is helping you get out of the vicious cycle of obsessing over the masculine & feminine energy dynamic, and helping you quit the loop of overthinking it once and for all. Youre going to FEEL this one, and it feels freeing af. Heres what

364: The Marketing Strategies to Help You Reach Your Next Level in Business With Shannon Matson
April 03, 2024

Plus business predictions you need to know for 2024 and beyond!This juicy convo with Shannon of @thesocialbungalow is going to take your results to the next level for business owners in EVERY field. While some of what the girls talk about will absolutely

363: Are Other People’s Opinions (And Your Fear of Them) Blocking You From Your Dream Life & Success?
March 27, 2024

How to trust your intuition even when it doesnt make sense"This episode is for anyone who has ever let the fear of other peoples opinions stop you from doing what you want, OR if youre someone who has shared an exciting idea or dream with someon

362: NUGGET: The Real Reason You’re a Perfectionist (And What to Do About It)
March 22, 2024

Today, Monicas breaking down the root of your perfectionism and how to free yourself from it FOR GOOD. Heal it, clear it, fix it, release yourself from it because life is too short! And you deserve to feel safe and loved and ENOUGH even in your imperfect

361: How to Know if You Had Emotionally Immature Parents, How to Heal, and How to Parent Differently
March 20, 2024

Being the child of an emotionally immature parent - this is a generational pattern that were healing together. They dont call us CYCLE-BREAKERS for nothing. Understanding this helps so much of who you are now as an adult & how you show up in your

360: What Actually Allows for Quantum Leaps and How to Claim Your Next Level Now
March 13, 2024

Plus how to get through the pain of the ego death thats requiredGet ready to receive an activation for your next level, friends. Todays episode, Monica is speaking straight to your higher self and calling you forward to claim what you want in your lif