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209 Softball Academy Podcast | Hitting Philosophy
January 19, 2018

This week on episode 38, Shannon McDougall discusses the philosophy behind hitting and hitting techniques. Some coaches have set rules for hitters to go by, but this theory isn't always the best approach. Feel free to email questions for future shows...

208 Softball Academy Podcast | Athlete Goals
January 13, 2018

This week on episode 37, Shannon McDougall talks about goal setting. Who sets the goals, who monitors them, and who actually achieves them or strives to achieve them? Feel free to email questions for future shows to Visit...

207 Softball Academy Podcast | Record Keeping
December 29, 2017

Thank you for joining Shannon on episode 36 to learn the importance of record keeping not only as coaches but for your players too. There are more benefits than just for use on statistics for your team. Join us next week as we dive into Athlete Goals....

206 Softball Academy Podcast | Communication and Feedback
December 15, 2017

Thank you for joining Shannon on episode 35 to gain a better understanding of the importance of communicating and giving feedback to your players. The most common way is relaying criticism. Communication deals with both verbal and non verbal cues....

205 Softball Academy Podcast | Preseason Practices
December 08, 2017

Thank you for joining Shannon on episode 34 to learn better ways to approach and plan preseason practices. This is important for keeping your players interest in the off season, which can be difficult when you might be confined to a space such as an...

204 Softball Academy Podcast | Hitting Methods
December 01, 2017

On episode 33 Shannon brings us her insight into the many ways to hit and the pitfalls that can come with finding the right one. This is an important skill for a players future in the sport and every coach has their own philosophy when it comes to...

203 Softball Academy Podcast | The Whiteboard
November 24, 2017

On this episode Shannon talks about an incredibly useful tool on and off the field. The White Board, can visualize many different aspects of the game. Drawing out the plays and drills for the team to see is a huge benefit to understanding the goal....

202 Softball Academy Podcast | Mental Training Skills
November 18, 2017

On this episode Shannon covers mental training skills and their introduction during the preseason. Most of us know these are important and players can benefit from them, but most players focus on the tactical and technical game over the psychological....

201 Softball Academy Podcast | Challenge Zone
November 09, 2017

On this episode Shannon talks about the challenge zone. What is it? This is the zone that is important to focus on for keeping players engaged and to prevent losing focus. How can we keep players from getting bored? Listen for key tips on working with...

200 Softball Academy Podcast | Taking Risks
November 03, 2017

Welcome to episode 200! On this episode Shannon talks about the benefits of taking risks and when it is most appropriate in the game. Softball and Baseball can be thought of as a percentage game. We know its gonna happen and when depending on certain...