FAST Podcast - Financial Advisor Strategy Talks

FAST Podcast - Financial Advisor Strategy Talks

Busy Was Killing Me with Allyson Lewis (Ep. 3)

November 09, 2022

What does “being busy” mean to you? 

Being busy is worn by many like a badge of honor, but does it actually produce the results we set out for? Or, is there a better way?

In this week’s episode, Lara brings on our guest Allyson Lewis, CEO and founder of The 7 Minute Life, a step-by-step productivity and time management program, and a globally recognized author and speaker, as she shares three proven strategies for success in productivity and time management.

As a time strategy and productivity expert with 30 years of experience in the financial service industry including 24 years with Morgan Stanley, Allyson figures out what changes are needed and works with individuals, teams, companies, and entrepreneurs sharing groundbreaking strategies revolutionizing corporate cultures.

Today Allyson is sharing those insights with listeners.

Allyson discusses: 

  • The value of time and how to leverage your day even with limited hours 
  • How to have a clear compelling story that relates to clients
  • How to be intentional about reaching your highest human potential
  • Where “The 7 Minute Life” idea originated from


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About Our Guest:  

Allyson Lewis has worked in the financial services industry for 31 years Including 24 years at Morgan Stanley and seven years at Merrill. She’s the author of five books that have been translated into four languages and has sold over 130,000 copies. Her YouTube channel has over 2.1 million minutes watched and she is a globally recognized author and speaker. Allyson’s clients have included Kellogg’s, Morgan Stanley, Northern Trust, and the FBI.

She’s been a guest on CNN and Bloomberg Information TV. Her work has been seen in Investors Business Daily, Advisor Today, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Times and FAST Company.

Currently, Allyson stands as the CEO and Director of Learning and Innovation at The 7 Minute Life, a time management training company.