FAST Podcast - Financial Advisor Strategy Talks

FAST Podcast - Financial Advisor Strategy Talks

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Choosing the Right Path: Individual Practitioner or Multi-Advisor Business with Dean and Candace (Ep. 42)
July 10, 2024

There is no right or wrong way to develop a career as a financial advisor; its about finding what is right for you. In this episode, Candace and Dean discuss the major inflection points in a finan

The Secrets to Making a Stellar First-Impression with Patrick Durst (Ep. 41)
June 19, 2024

In this episode of the FAST Podcast, we dive into the art of making a stellar first impression with our guest, Patrick Durst. Patrick shares insights on mastering the first-time appointment, empha

Guiding Lights & Rising Stars: How Mentorship Shapes the Financial Industry with David Wood (Ep. 40)
June 05, 2024

This episode of the FAST Podcast Candace and Dean welcome David Wood, the Founder of Gateway Financial Partners. Davids experience spans across several decades, marking him as a leader, and accomplis

The Role of a Brand Evangelist in the Financial Industry with Diana Cabrices (Ep. 39)
May 22, 2024

Diana Cabrices, Founder of Diana Cabrices Consulting, joins this episode of the FAST Podcast to reveal the secrets of being a Financial Brand Evangelist. Learn how Diana uses education and proble

The Inside Scoop of a Game-Changing Merger with Alex Hug (Ep. 38)
May 08, 2024

This episode Candace and Dean welcome Alex Hug, the CEO of Acquire Direct and Co-Founder of Leadjig. They discussed the strategic merger between Leadjig and White Glove and how the two companies

New Hosts & Fresh Takes with Dean Thurman and Candace Byrnes (Ep. 37)
April 24, 2024

This episode marks a fresh start for the FAST Podcast as we welcome new co-hosts, Dean and Candace! Tune in to get acquainted and hear their exciting vision for the show moving forward. Dean, a se

Farewell Episode! What's Next for the FAST Podcast? with Lara Galloway (Ep. 36)
April 03, 2024

In a heartfelt solo episode, our podcast host announces her departure from White Glove after six wonderful years. She reflects on her journey, the challenges that shaped her and the most impactful mom

The Power of Connection: How Seminars Fueled Business Success with Kurt Stahl (Ep. 35)
March 13, 2024

New to the town and lacking established connections, our guest craved a space filled with people genuinely interested in learning about financial planning. Seminars became his platform for connection,

Modernize Your Practice: How Technology Can Breathe New Life into EP with Tim White (Ep. 34)
February 28, 2024

Estate planning isnt just about money; its about protecting assets, ensuring a smooth wealth transfer and shaping your legacy for future generations. Our guest on todays episode challenges the stat

Marketing Tips for the Modern FinServ Firm with Johnny Sandquist (Ep. 33)
February 14, 2024

Are you tired of the same old holistic and fiduciary buzzwords in financial services branding? Our guest on todays episode urges you to break free from industry cliches and find inspiration for y