Idle Chatter: Hot Rod Farmer

Idle Chatter: Hot Rod Farmer

On the Road to Scott Farley.

February 29, 2024

Growing up in Texas the son of a working-class family that always had enough but not extra, did not stifle Scott from pursuing the dream that is America. A young boy’s life is changed when visiting family in Colorado and seeing his older cousin’s hot rodded 1965 Mustang. That experience was juxtaposed against the airliners that would glide gracefully over his home on their approach to a new airport. Working as a mechanic in a Chrysler dealership, a life changing decision was made to learn how to fly while the siren’s song of the drag strip never left him.

Join me to hear this remarkable story of passion and never giving up regardless of the obstacles and naysayers. Contrary to what Scott was told, he now spends his days flying an MD-11 jet and driving and owning an NHRA Top Fuel Dragster. 

Fast is a way of life. 600 mph in the MD-11 flying for UPS and running the dragster at 300 mph plus!!

Scott’s wife, Michelle Torromeo, guiding me back to the starting line after a clean burnout.