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Fantastical Truth

139. What If You Could Win a Race and Change World Law? | The Chase Runner series with Bradley Caffee

November 29, 2022

One week later: Happy post-Thanksgiving and merry Christmas season! Before our new season of Christmas Magic, let’s finish off our Dystopian Doom series with a whole other wicked government for you to rise up against. In a world ruled by twelve alliances, one young man has a chance to compete in The Chase for a chance to pass exactly one law. But how can a newly freed people live under grace? Bradley Caffee, author of The Chase Runner series, will dash into the studio and lead the resistance for our next episode.

Bradley Caffee, profileIntroducing author Bradley Caffee

Bradley Caffee created the Chase Runner series (The Chase, The Choice, and The Change). He trained for vocational ministry through the Moody Bible Institute and Dallas Theological Seminary before spending 12 years in the pastorate. In the pulpit he learned his love of story-telling. In April 2013, he began the work of transforming an idea into his first novel, The Chase. He now lives in North Carolina with his wife and children.

Lorehaven reviews The Chase (and The Change and The Choice):

Readers who catch a second wind will find a gripping adventure and reason to anticipate the next match.

1. What ideas and images formed your story-world?
2. How do Christians see dystopian stories differently?
3. What’s next for your fantastical creative journey?
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