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Fantastical Truth

138. What If the Government Made You Act Like An Android? | Aberration with Cathy McCrumb

November 15, 2022

Welcome to the world of the Consortium, which uses nanotech implants to turn people into hyper-logical beings. The young woman Recorder is one of these, assigned with her neural implant to high-tech record-keeping. When she’s cut off from that technology, can she discover humanity before the Consortium discovers her? That’s Recorder by Cathy McCrumb, whose sequel Aberration releases this month. Cathy arrives in the studio where we will use some technology but keep our humanity, thank you very much, to explore these heavy questions with a light touch.

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  3. David Umstattd, The Pilgrim’s Progress Reloaded

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Cathy McCrumb, photoIntroducing novelist Cathy McCrumb

Cathy McCrumb handles heavy subjects with a light touch, keeping the novel from grimness. Recorder is a creative and engaging novel that will appeal to a broad audience.

Lorehaven review of Recorder

Cathy McCrumb is author of the Children of the Consortium science fiction series. She graduated from Biola University with a degree in English Literature and a love for stories. She and her husband, whom she met while writing letters to soldiers, have five children and currently live within the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. While writing is one of her favorite things to do, she also enjoys reading, long hikes and long naps, gluten-free brownies and raspberries, and crocheting while watching science fiction movies with friends and family. Most of her imaginary friends are nice people.

1. What ideas and images formed your story-world?
2. How does your story explore human dystopia?
3. What’s next for your fantastical creative journey?
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