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Fantastical Truth

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118. Which Fantastical Stories Help Us Celebrate Human Life?
June 28, 2022

Big news dropped June 24, inspiring us to rejoice in stories about the wonders of human life, pre-born and beyond.

117. Why Should You Build a Fantastical Lending Library? | with L.G. McCary
June 21, 2022

Create your personal library to glorify Jesus, preserve great books, showcase God's creative gifts, and grant a legacy to your friends today and children tomorrow.

116. Why Do Homeschooled Students Love Fantastical Fiction? | with Ethan Nunn
June 14, 2022

Speaker, teacher, and homeschool graduate Ethan Nunn helps us explore why families flock to Christian fantastical authors at homeschool events.

115. How Do Lorehaven Creators Strive to Follow Biblical Statements of Faith?
June 07, 2022

For centuries Christians have confessed their faith as individuals, churches, and other groups, so here's what we believe at Lorehaven.

114. What If The Abolition of Man Became A Political Thriller? | The Testimony of Calvin Lewis with Daniel Friend
May 31, 2022

Daniel Friend joins us to explore how experimental memory technology might abolish man.

113. What If You Learned Bible Lessons from Singing Veggies and Dead Sea Squirrels? | with Mike Nawrocki
May 24, 2022

From absent hairbrushes, to kitchen-based boy bands, to Merle and Pearl Squirrel freshly thawed from the first century, Mike Nawrocki shares his stories.

112. How Does Fiction Help Us Love Our Enemies Even If We Must Defeat Them?
May 17, 2022

Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader. Spider-Man vs. Venom. Superman vs. General Zod. Each tries to save his people and also his enemy, but with different results.

111. Why Do Your Kids Need Fantastical Stories for God’s Glory?
May 10, 2022

Some children or teens have the strange superpower of speed-reading books, which can include many idols but also graces.

110. Could We Enter a ‘Golden Age’ of Christian-Made Fantastical Fiction?
May 03, 2022

Zack believes more readers will soon clamor for Christian-made fantastical novels, while Stephen thinks this optimism might be premature.

109. How Should Local Churches Support Christian-Made Fantasy?
April 26, 2022

Christians learn through stories and music, so if churches already have music pastors, perhaps we could add "story pastors" to help us cultivate, shepherd, and create great fiction.