Fantastical Truth

Fantastical Truth

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181. What If You Fell Into Classic Paintings? | Beneath the Swirling Sky with Carolyn Leiloglou
September 26, 2023

In this new series, framed artworks become magical portals to other worlds, thanks to one homeschool mom and middle-grade author.

180. How Can Creative Stories Reflect Curious Realities? | The Looking-Glass Illusion with Sara Ella
September 19, 2023

Sara Ella explores her duology inspired by Alice in Wonderland, where whimsy leads to joy and "nonsense" beckons to foundational truth.

179. How Can Great Stories Show ‘Real’ Men vs. Good Men?
September 12, 2023

Inspired by Nancy R. Pearcey's new book The Toxic War on Masculinity, we compare the "Real" Man with the good men in fantastical stories.

178. Should We Weaponize Fantastical Stories To ‘Own the Libs’?
September 05, 2023

Christians may debate the place of "culture wars," but novels should be diplomatic artworks, not tools of destruction.

177. How Does J. K. Rowling’s World Expose Legalism, Fandom, and Sexual Activism? | with Marian Jacobs
August 29, 2023

Harry Potter's author proves more complex than many of her characters, seeking to show human nature better than her critics.

176. How Can Christians Plant An ‘Oasis of Imagination’? | with Ted Turnau
August 22, 2023

Ted Turnau (Popologetics, The Pop Culture Parent) subverts cultural idols and challenges us to engage our world through better creativity.

175. Are the Aliens Liars, Lunatics, or Lords?
August 15, 2023

Christians have long believed aliens are demons, while unbelievers may see these mythical creatures as brutish beasts or enlightened beings.

174. How Can Fantastical Stories Train Christian Fans in Philosophy? | with Phil Lollar
August 08, 2023

Adventures in Odyssey founding father Phil Lollar rejoins us to share how great stories go beyond feelings to help renew our minds in Christ.

173. Why Are So Many Summer ‘Blockbusters’ Getting Busted?
August 01, 2023

While storytellers strike against studios, and fans reject many franchise movies, Christians can discern the goodness and evils of Hollywood.

172. Why Should Christian Fans Honor and Support Story Creators?
July 25, 2023

Despite thorns, thistles, and other idols that corrupt Gods callings, lets show our respect for authors who work hard to make great stories.