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155. How Might Sentimentalism Threaten Christian Fiction?
March 28, 2023

Sentimentalism weakens old and new stories by insisting that humans are basically good, the Fall wasn't that bad, and Jesus Christ is merely optional.

154. What If You Had to Fake Being Genetically Modified? | Enhanced with Candace Kade
March 21, 2023

Candace Kade rides into the studio to share her own social credit points plus Enhanced, her debut novel set in a cyberpunk dystopian world.

153. When Can Deconstructionism Threaten Christian Fiction? | with Michael Young aka ‘Wokal Distance’
March 14, 2023

Every Christian may struggle with doubt, but demolition activists want you to imagine postmodern fantasies beyond the biblical gospel.

152. How Can Christian Fantasy Fans Heal from Church Trauma? | with Marian Jacobs and L. G. McCary
March 07, 2023

Fantastical foes may smuggle false religions into some novels, but these may look like heroes to readers who suffer real harm in Gods house.

151. How Can Fantastical Satire Sharpen Our Theology? | The Pilgrim’s Progress Reloaded with David Umstattd
February 28, 2023

This new version of Bunyans classic shares comic relief for serious purpose, complete with robots, space marines, and talking platypuses.

150. Is the U.S. Government Covering Up Spy Balloons or Alien Spaceships? | with James R. Hannibal
February 21, 2023

Even when investigators seem to solve aerial mysteries, we can't help suspecting more secrets about enemy ships or alien secrets.

149. Why Do Christian Fiction Fans Love So Much Romance?
February 14, 2023

Our hosts enjoy sweet concessions and ask why many Christian-made novels, including fantasy, celebrate Valentines Day every day.

148. Why Do Some Christians Revile ‘The Chosen’? | with Josiah DeGraaf and Jenneth Dyck
February 07, 2023

Critics of biblical fiction forget our need for Christian imagination, not only to preach sermons but also to worship Jesus with public creativity.

147. Why Can Christians Celebrate Stories about Merlin and King Arthur? | with Robert Treskillard
January 31, 2023

Sir Robert Treskillard joins our studio roundtable to share his medieval fantasy Merlin's Spiral series.

146. How Did Animators Adapt The Wingfeather Saga For Streaming TV? | with Keith Lango
January 24, 2023

CG artist Keith Lango takes us behind the studio scenes to explore how artists and animators brought Andrew Petersons fantasy to life.