Fantastical Truth

Fantastical Truth

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57. How Do Stories Help Us Imagine Suffering and the Hope of Resurrection? | Epic Resurrection, part 4
April 06, 2021

We explore how the Gospel and similar reflections in fantastic stories help us prepare for times of suffering, death, and resurrection.

56. Which Biblical Qualities Empower Strong Female Characters? | with Elisabeth Wheatley
March 30, 2021

Physical combat is often the defining feature of strength, but female characters needn’t be boxed into stereotypes to be considered strong.

55. Should Christians Embrace Cultural and Digital Enclaves? | with Austin Gunderson
March 16, 2021

Christians fleeing cancel culture should consider becoming “Amish cyberpunks” and build cutting-edge digital enclaves.

54. How Can Christian Fans React When Fantasy Creators Get Cancelled? part 2
March 09, 2021

How can Christians react to possibly necessary "cancellations" of badly behaving fantasy creators?

53. How Can Christian Fans React When Fantasy Creators Get Cancelled? part 1
March 02, 2021

Can you avoid "cancel culture" by apologizing? How can Christian fans respond to "cancellations" and enjoy stories from fallen creators?

52. Do Christians Really Need Science Fiction? | Fiction’s Chief End, part 3
February 23, 2021

Christians need science fiction to fulfill the Cultural Mandate, build bridges with our neighbors, and anticipate a future world of sci-fi wonders.

51. Do Christians Really Need Fantasy? | Fiction’s Chief End, part 2
February 09, 2021

Christians need fantastical imagination to believe in God and the gospel, train to be like Jesus, and engage our world and neighbors.

50. Do Christians Really Need Fiction? | Fiction’s Chief End, part 1
February 02, 2021

Fiction isn't just optional for Christian readers, but a God-given gift we actually need to grow as redeemed people.

49. How Can We ‘Terraform’ the Church to Enjoy Fantastic Fiction?
January 26, 2021

We can't expect "chosen one" authors to save Christian-made fiction overnight, so instead, let's slowly transform our "deserts" into habitable kingdoms.

48. What Were the Top Seven Issues for Lorehaven Readers in 2020?
January 19, 2021

From little space babies eating tadpoles, to that Jesus TV show, to not-quite-forgotten trends, we're exploring 2020's top issues at