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Faith Under Fire – Gender debates on Title IX – Matt Sharp – 05/11/23

May 11, 2023

Half a century ago, Title IX (pronounced “Title 9”) became federal law, opening new educational and athletic opportunities for girls and women. Now, the Biden Administration is changing Title IX to mandate that male-at-birth transgender athletes must be given equal rights to join female teams, use locker room facilities and be able to compete against biological women.

Contending that the executive branch cannot arbitrarily change they the call the “clear wording” of Title IX, 20 U.S. states have filed suit, an action joined by an association of Christian schools. Matt Sharp of the Alliance Defending Freedom speaks this week with Abigail Hofland about the legal issues and questions of fairness. He tells of two Connecticut athletes who have affected 100 sports records, tournament advancements, trophies and scholarship offers of traditional female student-athletes.

The case is being heard in a Federal Appeals Court.