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An Update from the PA Prolife Movement – 2/29/24

February 29, 2024

An Update from the PA Prolife Movement

A prolife leader in Pennsylvania says abortions happen 34,000 times annually in Pennsylvania, but that the number is decreasing.

Maria Gallagher of PA Prolife Federation says that has abortion providers seeking more funding from government coffers, to make up for lost revenue. Governor Josh Shapiro’s administration has reclassified a longtime budget item which supported agencies which offer alternatives to abortion, but that money now goes to businesses that provide abortions and abortion pills.

Gallagher says the general public can speak up to their leaders in the executive and legislative branches about whether citizens support the use of tax money to end these pregnancies.

In this interview, she also speaks about ways that care centers provide encouragement, perspectives and resources to women — during a pregnancy and after a baby is born.





We began and ended the month with interviews with Maria Gallagher. Click the link below for our earlier conversation with her about a state Supreme Court ruling that had just happened. A lower court chose not to hear a Planned Parenthood lawsuit seeking to open more Pennsylvania Medicaid funding for more abortions. The high court narrowly determined the suit had enough merit to be decided by the Commonwealth Court.

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