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A Closer Look at NBC’s “Roots Less Traveled” – An Interview with Host Faruq Tauheed: Episode 139
July 15, 2020

Lisa interviews Faruq Tauheed, host of the NBC TV series “Roots Less Traveled" about the show and his own genealogy journey. Plus, highlights from the 101 Best Websites for Genealogy and a look at the burgeoning market of health-focused DNA tests.

Simple Steps to Practical Genealogy – An Interview with Brian Sheffey: Episode 138
June 17, 2020

Lisa interviews Brian Sheffey, author of the book Practical Genealogy: 50 Simple Steps to Research Your Diverse Family History. Listen for practical tips you can apply to your genealogy research, plus the latest edition of our 101 Best Websites for Gen...

How to Capture Family Stories Before They’re Lost – An Interview with Rachael Rifkin: Episode 137
May 20, 2020

Lisa talks with author Rachael Rifkin about preserving our family history before it's lost to time. Plus: great websites to help with your writing project and much more.

How DNA Tests Shape Our Idea of Family – An Interview with Libby Copeland: Episode 136
April 17, 2020

Lisa interviews author Libby Copeland and discusses how consumer DNA tests are changing the way we think of family. Plus, free DNA websites and much more.

Unusual and Underused Records for Researching Female Ancestors: Episode 135
March 18, 2020

Join Lisa and her guests as she discusses unusual and underused records for researching your female ancestors. Plus: Dutch genealogy websites, genetic communities, and a few great genealogy accounts to follow on social media.

How to Research Enslaved Ancestors: Episode 134
February 19, 2020

This month, Lisa is joined by contributing editor Sunny Morton to discuss key strategies for researching enslaved African American ancestors.

Timeless Strategies for Genealogy Research Success: Episode 133
January 17, 2020

In this episode, founding editor David A. Fryxell reflects on the past 20 years in genealogy and shares his favorite timeless genealogy research strategies.

The Best State Websites for Genealogy: Episode 132
December 16, 2019

Join Lisa and her guests for an update on Family Tree Magazine's new edition of the best state websites for genealogy!

Picture-Perfect Photo Books: Episode 131
November 25, 2019

The podcast is back and better than ever with new tips, tricks and interviews with the experts. Join Lisa as she tackles perfect photo books and much more.

Online Records Roundup: Podcast Episode 130
March 15, 2019

Discover valuable resources for online records with this month's genealogy podcast.