Fall of Civilizations Podcast

Fall of Civilizations Podcast

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18. Egypt - Fall of the Pharaohs
February 01, 2024

Far in the distance, three colossal shapes tower

17. Carthage - Empire Of The Phoenicians
April 11, 2023

Buried beneath the city streets of the Tunisian c

16. Bagan - City Of Temples
October 02, 2022

In the lowlands of Burma lie the remains of thous

15. The Nabataeans - The Final Days Of Petra
June 15, 2022

In the deserts of Jordan, a city lies hidden for

14. Vijayanagara - The Last Emperors Of South India
February 18, 2022

On the rocky banks of South India's Tungabhadra R

13. The Assyrians - Empire of Iron
June 14, 2021

In the lowlands of Northern Iraq, a series of eno

12. The Inca - Cities in the Cloud
January 12, 2021

High up on the craggy peaks of the Urubamba Canyo

11. Byzantium - Last of the Romans
July 14, 2020

On the outskirts of modern Istanbul, a line of an…

10. China's Han Dynasty - The First Empire in Flames
February 24, 2020

A city in ruins. A dynasty in tatters. An empire …

9. The Aztecs - A Clash of Worlds
December 16, 2019

Beneath the busy streets of Mexico City, a buried