Faith, Tech, and Space

Faith, Tech, and Space

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Faith, Tech, and Space (Episode 10)
June 14, 2020

Welcome to Episode 10 of the Faith, Tech, and Space PODCAST. Scheduling recordings are still a challenge but one we will get figured out. I lead off with the latest around my formation and the completion of year number one and I share where we are at i...

Faith, Tech, and Space (Episode 9)
May 10, 2020

Back behind the microphone with big updates about my aspirancy formation for the permanent diaconate, updates about the Windows Insider and Edge Insider Programs, a big tech update, and quite a bit of space news this cycle.

Faith, Tech, and Space (Episode 8)
April 14, 2020

Last episode we recorded in our reconfigured podcast studio. Now we are live streaming our recording session via YouTube. Now you can see my face, hands, and eyes as I share faith, tech, and space. I have updates on my own faith formation,

Faith, Tech, and Space (Episode 7)
March 29, 2020

In this episode we work our way through the three key areas to discuss faith as it not only relates to my formation but also to how the church is addressing the global COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. On the tech front,

Faith, Tech, and Space (Episode 6)
March 09, 2020

Welcome to the sixth episode of Faith, Tech, and Space PODCAST. I kick this show off talking about the latest in my faith formation including updates for online and local classes plus share a little about a local shrine here in Northeast Florida and so...

Faith, Tech, and Space (Episode 5)
February 17, 2020

Welcome to our fifth episode of the podcast. In this show I discuss the latest in my formation studies specifically around the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church which we are studying this semester. On the tech front we finally got our first publi...

Faith, Tech, and Space (Episode 4)
January 26, 2020

In this fourth episode of the podcast I begin the faith portion of the show with a discussion about my recent melanoma diagnosis and then share the latest around my formation including our latest classes and progress as the new year begins.

Faith, Tech, and Space (Episode 3)
December 29, 2019

In this week's show, I catch you up on my formation during a break over the Christmas period and share some insight into two seasons in the Church - Advent and Christmas. The tech side of the show is packed full of news for Windows Insiders and the lat...

Faith, Tech, and Space (Episode 2)
December 08, 2019

In this episode of our new podcast, we talk about my current class list in my formation for the Permanent Diaconate, the latest news for #WindowsInsiders and #EdgeInsiders, tech headlines from software, services, and social media.

Faith, Tech, and Space (Episode 1)
November 17, 2019

In the first episode of Faith, Tech, and Space, I introduce you to my new podcast. This inaugural episode will let me share the approach of this new show and test all of the plumbing to make sure everything is connected and ready for full production.