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The Faith By Reason Podcast

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Revelation Unveiled – Ep 18: Throne Room of God
December 23, 2020 - The throne room of God is the key feature of Revelation Chapter 4.  It is a truly magnificent spectacle.  And while we have seen depictions of the Throne Room elsewhere in the Bible,

Revelation Unveiled – Ep 17: The End of the Church Age
December 14, 2020 - Eventually, the Church Age will end.  The Book of Revelation makes it clear that there will be a definitive end to this Dispensation.  After Chapter 4, the term “church” is no longer mentioned. -

Revelation Unveiled – Episode 16: Letter to Lukewarm Laodicea
December 07, 2020 - Laodicea is the Lukewarm Church. These cowardly Christians were so afraid of long their status, prosperity, and comfort, that they refused to take a stand on anything! They would neither passionately embrace Jesus,

Revelation Unveiled Ep 15 – Khazar Ashkenazi Controversy
November 29, 2020 - Kazarian Jews, or Ashkenazi Jews are among the most controversial topics in culture and geopolitics.  The idea is that the paganistic medieval Khazarian empire converted to Judaism under duress.

Revelation Unveiled – Ep 14 Those Who Say They Are Jews But Are Not
November 29, 2020 - The Synagogue of Satan is a title Jesus gives to a group of people who say they are Jews, but are not and are harassing His Church.  Jesus mentions this Synagogue of Satan twice in His Seven Letters to Seven Churches,

Revelation Unveiled Ep 13: Letter to Philadelphia
November 13, 2020 - Philadelphia is the faithful Church.  Jesus’ letter to Philadelphia is full of effusive praise and incredible promises.  He tells them that they have an open door to Him.  And because they have remained faithful to Him,

Revelation Unveiled – Ep 12: Sardis and the Failure of the Reformation
November 09, 2020 - The Protestant Reformation was one of the most pivotal movements in western history.  Great work was done to return Christians to the true definition of salvation, which had been corrupted for 1000 years by the Catholic ...

Revelation Unveiled – Ep 11: Letter to Sardis part 1
October 30, 2020 - Sardis is the Dead Church.  How could a Church of the Living God be dead?  In His letter to the Church at Sardis, Jesus told them that they had a “name” (or reputation) that indicated life,

Revelation Unveiled Episode 10: The Spirit of Jezebel
October 25, 2020 - The Spirit of Jezebel is greatly impacting our culture. In general, a “Jezebel Spirit” is a perversion of feminine wiles and energy used to seduce people into destructive behavior.

Revelation Unveiled – Episode 9: Letter to Thyatira
October 18, 2020 - Thyatira is the pagan church.  In His letter to Thyatira, Jesus commends their good works but chastises them for letting a “Jezebel” lead them into idolatry. - Prophetically,