Failed Initiative

Failed Initiative

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FI: #100 – Won’t Hunt Red
April 11, 2018

One Hundred episodes! Sam shoves shit in her face, Dan Dan’s a bunch, and Nick removes Em’s shirt. Thank you all for watching and listening to us do what we do. We love you. Also! We’re taking May off. And we’re looking for some clips of stuff we’ve do...

FI: #99 – Deep Froat
April 01, 2018

It’s our last show ever! Join Sam, Dan, Em, and Nick for our last show ever! We talk about fashion, and Nick chokes on wine, wine we’re drinking for our last show ever!Read More →

FI: #98 – The Scale That Shook Me
March 25, 2018

Proceeds from today’s show will go towards maintenance of the ‘Ice Sculpture of a Puddle’ art installation in Sam’s backyard. Keep art alive. On Today’s show, we talked about the savagery of being overweight while Em plays therapist.

FI: #97 – Social Needs of Social Meeds
March 19, 2018

Today’s show, we discussed sciencey bits on chicken heads and phones vs. keyboards: why are their keypads different? Also, learn the latest updates on Facebook, why Sam deactivated and reactivated her Facebook profile within 24 hours.

FI: #96 – Full Stream Ahead!
March 14, 2018

Here we go, FI# 96! We talk about a lot of the changes coming up for the show! Heads up. From now on we’ll be broadcasting exclusively on, so if you want to see the show LIVE tune in 8PM Sundays at!

FI: #95 – Billboard Baggins and the Magic Zap Wand
March 06, 2018

We talked about movies and podcasts and got existential.Read More →

FI: #94 – Drowning Sorrow (The Hamster)
March 06, 2018

In which the gang talks about drowning a hamster and Nick’s PC throws a shoe after an hour. Download it now!Read More →

FI: #93 – Podcast
March 05, 2018

Podcast. Download it now!Read More →

FI: #92 – Oh Hi, Alexa
January 28, 2018

Flamethrowers, polio, vaccinator, and the Roooooooom. Download this episode now!Read More →

FI: #91 – Kink in the Hose
January 21, 2018

Join Dan, Sam, Em, and Nick as they talk about Reborn Babies, kinks, ninja turtles, and a Greek God with a very special gift. Download this episode now! Download this episode now!Read More →