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Eyes Wide Open - Canadian Eye Care

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Eyes Wide Open Episode 5: Transitioning Your Practice
February 05, 2020

In this episode, host Glen Chiasson speaks with Jackie Joachim, Chief Operating officer for ROI Corporation, about appraising and selling optometric practices.

Episode 4: Myopia Management and the MiSight Soft Contact Lens
December 11, 2019

Host Dr. Glen Chiasson speaks with Dr. Fiona Soong, Optometrist at Eyes on Sheppard Optometric Clinic in Toronto and consulting principal scientist in ocular research at Cliantha Research about myopia management and the CooperVision MiSight lens.

Episode 3: Sports Performance Opportunity for Optometry
November 13, 2019

Host Glen Chiasson speaks with Warren Modlin, founder of Neurodynamicvision.org and a trained optometrist with 25 years of optical industry experience, about how optometry should be at the forefront of the eye-brain connection and how to make sports...

Episode 2: New Myopia Control Options - Specially Designed Spectacle Lenses
October 16, 2019

Glen explores the field of myopia management with Dr. Jeff Goodhew, particularly the use of new spectacle lens options from ZEISS that are specifically designed to reduce myopic progression in children.

Episode 1: Finding Stars - Avoiding Passengers
September 15, 2019

Dr. Glen Chiasson explores the use of candidate assessment technology to help eye care practices find employees that are a best fit to their practice for the roles they need to fill with Tim Brennan, Chief Visionary Office of FitFirst Technology and...