Eyes Wide Open - Canadian Eye Care

Eyes Wide Open - Canadian Eye Care

Eyes Wide Open Episode 6: The State of the Nation - An Opticianry Perspective

March 04, 2020

Glen and Robert explore a variety of issues relating to Opticianry and in particular the relationships between Opticians, Optometrists and Ophthalmologists in a Canadian context.

Robert provides a succinct overview of the scope of practice initiatives across Canada, including the history of gaining refraction services and why he feels the future struggle will be easier than in the past.

He provides some candid thoughts on how relations between optometry and opticianry have evolved. He makes the point that patient-centric collaboration between the professions happens successfully everyday, and when discussion gets elevated to the "political level" it can get bogged down.

He keenly observes that advancing technology makes a lot of the discussion between the professionals moot. Robert opines, "I wouldn't be surprised if the very soon we are in a situation where the public themselves comes in with their refraction already done."

They end their conversation on a note of optimism on how Bricks & Mortar eye care already successfully compete and how they will continue to do so in the future.

Dalton provides someĀ additional thoughts as this weeks Insight Guest profiled on Eye Care Business Canada.