Exploring Past Lives With Karen Joy Podcast

Exploring Past Lives With Karen Joy Podcast

Latest Episodes

Episode 19: Lost in a Spotlight
May 11, 2022

In this podcast, Samantha shares two past lives, one as a pirate with good intentions. Sadly Samantha lost her mother at a very young age and finds out why. More surprises come in her regression inclu

Episode 18: Disturbed by Red Tail Lights
April 27, 2022

In this podcast, Jane shares how she felt anxious when she saw red lights on cars in front of her. The association with past life trauma was shocking and most unusual.

Episode 17: Emerging from Debilitating Anxiety
April 13, 2022

In this podcast, Bronte, 27, who suffered from anxiety, shares how she relived a life as a gladiator in Ancient Rome. Her anxiety dissipates once she discovers who she really is and her purpose.

Episode 16: Looking Back
March 31, 2022

in this podcast, Jeanette, at eighty years of age, looks back on her life of having a spiritual perspective and remembering past lives. She shares how that has helped her over her many current life ch

Episode 15: At a Crossroad After Great Loss
March 15, 2022

After suddenly losing her young daughter, Marie found herself at a crossroad. She came for a regression, discovered why her daughter passed and an encouraging way forward.

Episode 14: Turning Loss Around
March 02, 2022

In this episode, my guest is Erin, a Yoga and Meditation teacher. At the age of 32, Erin suddenly lost her young husband. With two young children to look after, she had to keep herself together and face the future. Her past life regression was a birthday

Episode 13: Walking in Other’s Moccasins
February 15, 2022

Elizabeth shares life changing experiences including her near-death experience, past lives and life between lives, her change of attitude to alcoholic dysfunction and a client's extra-terrestrial life

Episode 12: Vicki’s Passion
February 01, 2022

Vicki wrote an epic novel set ithe clash between Native American culture and European ways. Her past lives confirmed her interest in a devastating past life experience. And she discovered much more.

Episode 11: A Gift From Her Son, Part 2
January 05, 2022

Belinda continues sharing from the previous podcast the surprising past life that provided evidence of its existence, her son's unusual death and how she is coping.

Episode 10: A Gift From Her Son
January 03, 2022

Losing an adult child is one of the biggest challenges we can face. And yet it can also be a gift that can open our eyes and take us in a new direction. In this interview, which is split into two part