Exploring Unschooling

Exploring Unschooling

EU338: A Conversation with Lore Blancke

December 08, 2022

This week, we’re sharing a conversation Anna Brown and I had recently with Lore Blancke on her podcast, Intimate Breath. Lore came across unschooling and the Exploring Unschooling podcast and was intrigued by the similarities she found with her work as she listened. And while she’s not a parent herself, her enthusiasm was apparent when she reached out to ask about having a conversation with her on her podcast.

It was such a delightful conversation that I asked if I could share it here as well!

We dive into what unschooling is, questioning rules and social conditioning to live how we want to live, the power of feeling free to make choices, moving from power and control-based relationships to consensual and intimate ones, what it can look like to prioritize relationships, and creating a culture where it feels safe to make mistakes and to quit if something doesn’t feel good.

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