Exploring Unschooling

Exploring Unschooling

EU239 Flashback: Unschooling Dads with Roop Bhadury

September 29, 2022

This week, I’m sharing a fun conversation I had with unschooling dad Roop Bhadury. I connected with Roop through his wife Susan, who is a member of the Living Joyfully Network. She has also joined me on the podcast in episode 220. Roop and Susan live with their now three young children in Australia. It was so much fun to get to hear about their family from Roop’s perspective. He shared his thoughts about the philosophies of unschooling and entrepreneurship, about life, curiosity, learning, and relationships.

It was an expansive conversation with so many profound insights!

Questions for Roop

Can you share with us a bit about you and your family?

When we connected, you shared some topics you’d be interested in touching on and I was struck by the language you used, so I want to stay with your lovely wording! I’d love to hear your thoughts on your first point about curiosity and guardrails. Do they complement or compete?

Next you mentioned positive and negative empathy. Can you describe what you mean and share how you see them playing out?

You used the phrase “creative chaos in play.” I love the image that conveys! How have you seen that unfold in your lives?

And the last point you mentioned: “Knowledge is free, pedagogy isn’t, and its ongoing relevance.” What are your thoughts around that?

What is your favourite thing about your unschooling days right now?

As an unschooling dad, what piece of advice would you like to share with dads who are just starting out on this journey?

Things mentioned in the episode

Sir Ken Robinson’s TED Talk, Do schools kill creativity?

Contact Roop via email, Roop at engag3d dot com

Pam’s book, The Unschooling Journey


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