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Sayed Tabatabai On Solitude, Anger & Empathy

December 17, 2020

"I want to effect change through the vehicle of empathy"
Dr. Sayed Tabatabai is a Nephrologist in San Antonio and a simply brilliant writer. He shares most of his work as @TheRealDoctorT on Twitter where he continually amazes his large audience.

He joins Explore The Space Podcast as we wrap up 2020 to discuss solitude, anger, and empathy in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic.

This is a remarkable episode, enjoy.

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Key Learnings

1. The nature of Dr. Tabatabai's writing & connecting to the past

2. Is looking forward an act of bravery

3. Where does medicine stand right now

4. The appetite for a grand reshaping of medicine

5. Why Sayed writes about connection and things we all recognize as human beings

6. The power of social media in building relationships, connections, and friendships & what comes next when we come out from behind the Zoom chats

7. How deeply we’ve all been immersed in solitude

8. What do we do with all of our stored-up anger

9. Leveraging empathy

10. How we can move through the dark part of the tunnel together


Twitter @TheRealDoctorT

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