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Adaira Landry and Resa Lewiss on “MicroSkills”
April 29, 2024

"It was important for us to be very direct" - Dr. Adaira Landry and Dr. Resa Lewiss are back together on Explore The Space Podcast! This time, these two extraordinary ER docs are here to discuss their

Danielle Sarno on Mentorship, Sponsorship and the Art of Saying No
January 28, 2024

Dr. Danielle Sarno is the Director of Interventional Pain Management in the Department of Neurosurgery at Brigham and Womens Hospital and an Instructor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Harv

Kimberly Manning On Year-End Reflections
December 27, 2023

"It's interesting what happens when we open ourselves up to receive people" - Dr. Kimberly Manning is back for the best tradition ever, coming on Explore The Space at the end of the year to reflect, r

Lindsey Fitzharris and Adrian Teal on “Plague-Busters”
October 06, 2023

"It's about heroes!" - Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris is one of the world's finest medical historians, Adrian Teal is a wonderful artist and caricaturist. Together they have combined on the superb new book "P

Michael Galvez and Cesar Padilla on National Latino Physician Day
September 29, 2023

"That's what's been our goal, showing that sense of urgency" - Dr. Michael Galvez is a Pediatric Hand Surgeon in California, Dr. Cesar Padilla is an Obstetric Anesthesiologist and Intensivist in Calif

Anthony Chin-Quee On “I Can’t Save You”
June 29, 2023

"How do I learn to save myself in this world where I'm asked to save others?" - Anthony Chin-Quee is an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist who wrote the stunning memoir "I Can't Save You". We covered the

Nora Volkow On Complexity And Vulnerability In The Opioid Epidemic
June 21, 2023

Dr. Nora Volkow is a Psychiatrist and the Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) at the National Institutes of Health. She joins Explore The Space Podcast for a powerful discussion on

Annie Andrews on “Their Future” and “Rock The Ride”
June 14, 2023

"We can accelerate change in this country" - Dr. Annie Andrews is a Pediatrician, a leading gun violence researcher and the founder of "Their Future, Our Vote", an organization focused on supporting l

MedLasso Presents: The Final MedLasso Episode and Ted Lasso Finale
June 08, 2023

The Ted Lasso finale has aired, and what a finale it was! Mark and Sayed are joined by Dr. Jaime Coleman once again to break it all down. We also take time to say farewell to MedLasso, and what a ride

Katrina Green on Building Advocacy Skills
June 01, 2023

"The more you do it, the easier it gets" - June is Gun Violence Awareness Month, and in that spirit we welcome Dr. Katrina Green to Explore The Space Podcast. Dr. Green is an emergency physician in Te