The Exceptional Sales Leader Podcast

The Exceptional Sales Leader Podcast

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It Is About The Team
June 21, 2021

A Champion Team will often beat a Team of Champions - this is true in sport, in business, as well as in sales. So many talented sales people exist across multiple different industries and segments, however, the ones who are sustainably successful,

Intentional Reflection Is Key To Leadership Success
June 17, 2021

As leaders, we are all very busy - never seeming to have enough time. Our team are always seeking our attention, our customers are demanding, and our senior leaders are wanting things done yesterday. It can sometimes be overwhelming.

Exceptional Sales Leadership With Frank Grillo
June 17, 2021

So thrilled to have Frank Grillo on the podcast for the 2nd time. Frank truly is an exceptional sales leader, driving exceptional sales results with his team and at the same time building a robust, engaged and high performance culture.

A Growth Mindset Is Where It’s At
June 15, 2021

I love psychology, especially as it relates to sale and high performance. And as sales leaders, we don't want to be leaving things to chance - we want to stack the odds in our favour. It is therefore so important that we adopt a growth mindset,

Qualify, Qualify, Qualify
June 15, 2021

In working with sales leaders and their teams, I am still staggered at the number of sales people who lead with their product or service. It's almost like they believe there is a finite number of customers in the marketplace and hence they need to clos...

It’s Not About You!!
June 13, 2021

I'm a massive fan of Neale Daniher, first when he was the coach of the Melbourne Football Club, but even more so as he has continued to fight Motor Neurone Disease (MND) over the last 7 years. He is such an inspirational man and a man who leads by exam...

Become The Master Encourager
June 10, 2021

Let's be honest, for many people, sales is not easy. It can be exceptionally rewarding & fulfilling, but for some, it can be an absolute nightmare. Yes, sales takes skill, capability, tenacity, persistence, resilience, amongst other traits,

Leadership Can Be Lonely
June 08, 2021

There is a saying 'It can be lonely at the top' and this can especially be true for leadership. Very often senior executives and CEO's don't have someone who they can confide in, bounce ideas off, seek guidance and advice. Hence it is vital,

Be A Person Of Integrity
June 07, 2021

In today's society, I don't think anything shines brighter than a person's integrity. And yet, there are countless examples of people choosing not to demonstrate integrity - they make it all about themselves. As leaders, we must set the standard,

Be The Benchmark Of Excellence
June 06, 2021

When it comes to exceptional performance, whether it be a team or an individual, there is one quality that stands out more than anything else. It's not effort, it's not talent, it's not capability. It is a relentless focus on maintaining a benchmark of...