The Evidence Based Education Podcast

The Evidence Based Education Podcast

The Great Teaching Toolkit: one year on

June 09, 2021

A year ago, we published the Great Teaching Toolkit: Evidence Review (GTT:ER). The year since then has been extraordinary in many ways, many of them negative. One very positive and exciting thing that has been quietly happening this year here at EBE is the development of the tools that will comprise the first part of the wider Great Teaching Toolkit. The response we have had so far from the schools who are working with us – and the results we are beginning to see – make it hard not to feel the anticipation.

Since the Evidence Review’s launch, we’ve been developing a suite of tools, surveys and professional learning courses anchored around the Dimensions and Elements of Great Teaching it identified. In this episode, join Professor Rob Coe in conversation with Jamie Scott, as they discuss this process so far and outline what’s next for the Great Teaching Toolkit, one year on…

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