The Evidence Based Education Podcast

The Evidence Based Education Podcast

Teacher Collaboration: Episode Two

October 20, 2020

Collective teacher efficacy, professional learning communities, collective professionalism… There are many similar but different forms and terms for effective teacher collaboration, and there is a significant body of evidence about their positive impact on teachers themselves and student learning.  There are gains to be made through effective and focused collaboration.

In this second episode of the Evidence Based Education podcast mini-series on teacher collaboration, we catch up with colleagues from the Dulwich College International group as they seek to enhance collaboration across nine of their schools.

We also hear from John Hattie on collective teacher efficacy and Dylan Wiliam offers some words of caution on teacher collaboration more broadly.

Sadly, the audio quality in the conversation with Dylan is slightly poorer than normal due to technical glitches. However, they soon pale into significance once you are tuned into what Dylan is saying.


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