The Evidence Based Education Podcast

The Evidence Based Education Podcast

Teacher Collaboration: Episode One

September 03, 2020

Collective teacher efficacy, professional learning communities, collective professionalism... There are many similar but different forms and terms for effective teacher collaboration, and there is a significant body of evidence about their positive impact on teachers themselves and student learning.  There are gains to be made through effective collaboration.

This new episode of the Evidence Based Education podcast is the first in a mini-series on teacher collaboration. We are following the journey of colleagues from the Dulwich College International group as they seek to enhance collaboration across nine of their schools. We will also be offering some advice along the way!

This podcast is designed to be useful for not only members of the Dulwich collaboration network, but to any education professional with an interest in teacher collaboration, particularly across schools. The themes within the podcast are applicable to teachers and schools in all settings.

At this point, the Dulwich College International family of schools have established a framework for teacher collaboration across the group, forming almost 50 different subject, leadership or student services groups. Now the collaboration groups have the autonomy to innovate and overcome any shared challenges.

In this episode Jamie Scott of Evidence Based Education (EBE) speaks to Dulwich’s Director of Senior school about the aim of the teacher collaboration initiative, two collaboration group leads about their role, and to EBE’s Dr Stuart Kime to hear how the notion of ‘problem identification’ might be useful in the early stages of the collaboration network.


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