Everyone Gets a Turn

Everyone Gets a Turn

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Believe it to Achieve it.
December 07, 2019

This week on EGAT, the podcast duo  kick off the Episode with their weekly WTH discussions where they talk about jury duty, dating vs hating , and taking flicks of strangers. This week’s episode is based off of speaking your desires Into existence. &

37. Withdraw
December 01, 2019

Attachments can be something serious regardless if those attachments are to people, objects, or ideas. This episode your girls talk about our various attachments and how to detach to things we are better with out. 

36. Whisper down the lane
November 21, 2019

This week on EGAT the podcast duo get into the discussion of the difference between a secret and a lie. Ari and Dorian talk about keeping secrets from a significant other and the web of lies they have came across over the years. Also, the two have a great

35. Possibility vs. Probability
November 11, 2019

This episode of EGAT Ari is here to discuss risky behavior. We have all engaged in behavior that most likely would result in negative or unwarranted outcomes. Tune in as she holds it down solo and discusses how we should never let the probability of somet

34.I don’t have the energy
October 28, 2019

This week your girls are back after taking a unexpected break due to scheduling conflicts. This episode we don’t have any particular topic, just random girl talk  

33.In my Drake bad
October 07, 2019

This week Dorian Blaque is solo dolo as she talks about The Botham Jean trial,  new Music, and just being emotional. take A listen on episode 33 .

32.What does white twitter look like?
September 30, 2019

Have you ever seen the other side of Twitter? That’s white Twitter of course. Is there even a difference? This week  Dorian Blaque  and Ari Hart discuss the  popular social  media app and how it’s creating a culture of its own , connec

31. Always a sidechick, Never a girlfriend
September 23, 2019

This week Dorian Blaque returns and the podcast duo get right into it with the latest hot topics such as Tekashi  69   taking the stand , The latest drama with the Ladies from “ The Real” ,  as well as Kevin Hart. On this episode Ari a

30. Assigned Gender
September 16, 2019

Ari is back with another solo episode, tune in as she talks hot topics of Riri being pregnant and Megan thee Stallion being signed to Roc nation. this episode we dive into the conversation of LGBTQIA community, and sexual identity. Are we assigned genders

29. It’s all about me
September 09, 2019

This episode Ari is holding it down solo dolo, as she talks hot topics such as Nicki Minaj retiring, made in America and more. Also she starts the conversation of are millennials empathetic.