Everyday Examples of Excellence podcast

Everyday Examples of Excellence podcast

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How to Make Your Home Visually Appealing- Mary Baranov
November 12, 2019

Do you feel like your house needs a facelift? or maybe you are wanting to finally redo that bedroom in the back of the house? but don't know where to start? Look no further because today on the podcast I am interviewing my dear friend, Mary Baranov,...

Overcoming Adversity- Read Flake
October 29, 2019

When life gets hard, how do you get out of it and turn into a better, stronger person? Today on the podcast I am interviewing Read Flake. He talks about how he was in a para-motor accident that caused a horrible spinal injury that left him with a long...

How to Be More Intentional with Your Morning
October 21, 2019

Sometimes life can be a little overwhelming and many times we get behind on the things that really matter most; family, children, job, and of course, your goals and dreams. But how do we fit it all in a day? On today's episode, I am talking to Chloe...

How to Have a Healthy Mindset of Health- Shantelle Flake
October 14, 2019

Shantelle Flake has a bachelor's degree from Southern Virginia University. She worked as a fitness instructor for 4 years before becoming COPE certified through the Macdonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education to help people with their...

Uncle Mike- Hard Work and Success
May 30, 2019

Mike Christensen is a successful farmer from Idaho and today on the podcast, we learn how he first started to now being retired and helping his children on the farm. He talks about how hard work brings success, how he learned from his failures, and we...

Ruthie Knudsen- Freedom from Food
May 22, 2019

Today on the podcast, I interviewed Ruthie and her amazing tranformation mentally and physically from overweight, tired, and always dieting to eating intuitively, a chef, and excited about life. She shares her love of cooking and her everyday life on...

Brian Hayes- How to be Excited about Exercise
May 08, 2019

The weather is getting warmer and it is the season of getting back in shape and feeling good. Today on the podcast, I am talking to Brian Hayes. He is a Spartan racer and he talks about his love for the race and exercise in general. He will then tell...

Derek Munsey- Growth and Progression
May 01, 2019

Today on the podcast, I talk to Derek Munsey about his journey to change and how he accomplished this is a very short time. His journey from physical, mental, spiritual, and financial progress will motivate YOU to kickstart your dreams. Enjoy!

Nate Webb- Bullying
April 24, 2019

Nate Webb was bullied in junior high and parts of high school. In our interview, he talks about how he we bullied and how he turned bitterness to becoming and better person. He then talks about becoming an advocate for bully victims through social...

Grant Christensen- Becoming Closer to Christ
April 17, 2019

During this Easter season, as we think of Christ and his Atonement, how can we become closer to Him? Understanding the reasons why we should be like him and why His atonement and life can effect your life, relationships, and even our happiness. Enjoy.