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The Everblue State: David Frockt on health care reform, preventing school shootings & more
June 06, 2019

Sen. David Frockt had some HUGE progressive wins during the 2019 Legislative Session. He sponsored a bill creating the first public option for health care in the United States. Another bill reformed the way we tax oil companies.

The Everblue State: Sen. Karen Keiser, one of the Legislature’s longest serving members
April 09, 2019

Sen. Karen Keiser has served in the Washington State Legislature since 1996 — and she's seen a lot of change. She watched as the number of women in the Senate grew, and then dropped again. Keiser chairs the Senate Labor & Commerce Committee,

The Everblue State: Sen. Manka Dhingra on diversity, behavioral health and more!
April 01, 2019

For this episode of the Everblue State, Sen. Manka Dhingra tells us about her path to the state Senate, what it's like to be deputy majority leader, and why improving Washington's behavioral health system is one of her priorities. Plus,

The Everblue State: Sen. Jesse Salomon talks fracking and restorative justice
March 01, 2019

For this episode of The Everblue State, we spoke with Sen. Jesse Salomon, the first-year senator from the 32nd District. Salomon has spent his career in public service — working as a public defender, serving on the Shoreline City Council and more.

The Everblue State: Transportation and nerd stuff with Sen. Steve Hobbs
February 21, 2019

This week on The Everblue State, Sen. Steve Hobbs updated us on Washington's transportation policy. He also went in-depth about his nerdy pursuits — including Dungeons and Dragons. He even told us which members of the Legislature he would pick for a...

The Everblue State: Sen. Joe Nguyen on marijuana policy and opportunity
February 14, 2019

For this episode of The Everblue State, we spoke with another one of our new legislators: Sen. Joe Nguyen. Nguyen represents the district he grew up in (the 34th District) and is passionate about providing opportunities for Washingtonians regardless...

The Everblue State: Sen. Emily Randall on being a new senator
February 07, 2019

In this week's episode, we spoke with 26th District Senator Emily Randall about what it's like to be one of the Senate's newest members. Her seat was previously held by a Republican, and she is working to make sure her constituents are fairly repres...

The Everblue State: Catching up with Sen. Andy Billig
February 01, 2019

This week, we spoke with Sen. Andy Billig, the new Senate Majority Leader. He told us why he first ran for office, what it's like to lead the Senate Democratic Caucus (and how it compares to running a baseball team) and what we can expect from the S...

The Everblue State: Sen. Patty Kuderer talk plastics, Tobacco 21 and more
January 25, 2019

For this episode of the Everblue State, we spoke with Sen. Patty Kuderer (D-Bellevue). She represents the 48th District, serves as the assistant floor leader, and chairs the newly formed Senate Housing Stability & Affordability Committee.

The Everblue State: Democratic Floor Leader Sen. Marko Liias
January 17, 2019

Sen. Marko Liias (D-Lynnwood) joined us to talk about his priorities for the 2019 Legislative Session and his accomplishments from sessions past. He discussed the process of passing a conversion therapy ban,